Videos from September 6-12, 2020

September 12, 2020

TimcastNews - Portland Man CAUGHT Trying To Ignite Hotel Gas Line, DA Sued For Political Bias Against The Right

TimcastNews - Congressmen Call For DOJ Action Against Netflix Over Cuties, This Is The BIGGEST Red Pill Moment

Timcast - Hatred For Trump Has Driven Democrats INSANE, Now Unhinged Leftists SUPPORT War And Rioting

TimcastNews - Supporting BLM BACKFIRES, Young People REJECT Cuomo's Lockdown Orders And Its HIS Fault

TimcastNews - Antifa Who Got Shot Given Puff Piece Interview On CNN And Cries

TimcastNews - NFL Gets Woke Goes Broke, Crowd BOOS BLM Protest, Ratings DROP To TEN YEAR LOW

September 11, 2020

TimcastNews - BLM Leftist CONFIRMED Arrested Starting Wildfire, No Evidence Of Motive, Antifa Fire Rumors Run Wild

TimcastNews - Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Price A SECOND TIME, Trump To Announce ANOTHER Historic Peace Deal

Timcast - Trump Is WINNING The Only Issue That Matters And Democrats Are Nervous He Will WIN Reelection

TimcastNews - Leftists Push INSANE Theory Antifa Crackpot Killer Executed Without Warning In Hailstorm Of Bullets

TimcastNews - Leaked Recording Proves CNN Secretly Offered Trump his Own TV Show, Total Hypocrites

TimcastNews - Mueller Team Under Fire For PURGING 15 Cellphones, Tons Of Evidence DESTROYED

TimcastIRL - Trump Nominated AGAIN For Nobel Prize So Media Calls For ENDING It, Kim Klacik Joins

September 10, 2020

TimcastNews - Trumps Plan WORKED, Antifa Is Running Scared From Feds, Democrat ARRESTED Rioting In Portland

TimcastNews - Cancel Netflix Trends After Outrage Over Cuties Film Shows Underage Girls Twerking, Media DEFENDS IT

Timcast - The Election Is Being Rigged AGAINST Trump And Its INSANELY Obvious, Democrats Are Cheating To Win

TimcastNews - Leaked Text PROVES CNN's Jake Tapper Lied And Tried To Influence Congressional Election

TimcastNews - University Issues Sneaky FAKE Apology For Creating White Only Cafe, Leftists Push Segregation

TimcastNews - ESPN To Air Players Protesting Singing Black National Anthem, Polls Shows People Say ENOUGH

TimcastIRL - BLM Leftist Arrested For Igniting Wildfire, Democrats Say its Climate Change

September 9, 2020

TimcastNews - Entire Police Command RETIRES Due To Lack Of Support And Media Smears, BLM Leftists Score Major WIN

TimcastNews - Secret Coalition of Leftist Groups Are Preparing For Post Election Violence, Unless Joe Biden Wins

Timcast - Trump Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize Over Israel Peace Deal, Announces Iraq Troop Withdrawal

TimcastNews - Women Who Attacked 7 year Old Trump Supporter Indicted On THREE Felonies, Face 15 Years In Prison

TimcastNews - Liberal Elites MOCK Poor People Because Theres Little Crime In THEIR Wealthy Enclave

TimcastNews - University Leftists Launch Whites Only Cafe In The Name Of Social Justice

TimcastIRL - Leaked Tapes Show Trump _Downplaying_ COVID, Media Smears Omit Key Context

September 8, 2020

TimcastNews - BLM Leftist ARRESTED On Felony Hit And Run Charges For Running Over Trump Supporter

TimcastNews - Kamala Harris Visits Blake Family Praising Them Despite Felony Charge, Media IGNORES Cop Shot By BLM

Timcast - Mail in Voter Fraud CONFIRMED But Democrats DENY And Lie Even As 1 Million Votes Compromised

TimcastNews - Trump Is Winning Inn Florida As Hispanics Favor Him Over Biden And Media PANICS

TimcastNews - Disney Thanks Chinese Communists Running Concentration Camps Sparking Boycott Of Mulan Film

TimcastNews - ACLU Harasses Nick Sandmann Complaining That he Got Accepted Into A College

TimcastIRL - Proud Boys Trend After Viral Video Claims They Attacked BLM, Robby Soave Guests

September 7, 2020

TimcastNews - BLM Leftists Riot Near Residential Homes Using Locals As Human Shields, Locals FURIOUS over Tear Gas

TimcastNews - California Issues Stage 2 EMERGENCY Over Power Failures, Democrats Power Monopoly Is DESTROYING CA

Timcast - Democrats Supporting BLM Riots May Have ALREADY Cost Them The Election As Riots WIPE OUT Poll Gains

TimcastNews - Protesters Descend On nancy Pelosi's House Hanging Curlers In A Tree, Calling Her HYPOCRITE

TimcastNews - Major Sports Get Woke Go Broke As Players EXTRACT Value Pushing BLM While KILLING The Sports

TimcastNews - BLM Leftists SHOCKED After Professor Says Chinese Word That Sounds Offensive, Get Him Suspended

September 6, 2020

TimcastNews - Proud Boy Seriously Injured After They Say Far Leftist Ran Him Over At Vigil For Trump Supporter

TimcastNews - BLM Leftist Mob ATTACKS Walk Away Campaign Rally, Media Desperately Tries To COVER UP For Far Left

Timcast - Democrat Base COLLAPSING As More Quit The Party Over BLM Leftist Riots, Small Towns Join Republicans

TimcastNews - New Poll CONFIRMS NBA Got Woke Went Broke, Trump Was Right, People Ditched NBA Over BLM

TimcastNews - Ted Cruz Says Use RICO On Antifa, Wealthy White Woman SHOCKED She Faces 4 Years Over Rioting In NYC

TimcastNews - Leftist District Attorneys Announce Across The Country They WILL NOT Charge Rioters And Far Left