Videos from September 27 - October 3, 2020

October 3, 2020

TimcastNews - I Believe The Debate Got Trump Sick, Chris Wallace ADMITS Debate Didn't Follow Proper COVID Protocol

TimcastNews - Driver ESCAPES After BLM Leftists MOB Beat Cop, Leftists PANIC Over Cops Being Deputized By Feds

Timcast - Journalists Report Trump Having Trouble Breathing Sparking PANIC, Trump Doctor's Say HE IS FINE

TimcastNews - Kellyanne Conway's Daughter Is Being Exploited By Partisan Media And It's HER PARENTS FAULT

TimcastNews - Facebook DELETES 216 Trump Ads Over Hate Speech Policy, The Game Is RIGGED

TimcastNews - Democrats DEMAND Delay To Amy Coney Barrett Hearing Over COVID, Republicans Say Womp Womp

October 2, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump And Melania Test POSITIVE For COVID19, Leftists Go Nuts Pushing Insane Theories He's Faking It

TimcastNews - CNN's Jim Acosta ROASTED After HIS OWN Tweet Surfaces Proving He Lied About Trump, Media Is Broken

Timcast - CNN Anchor SHOCKED When NYT Writer Says 2nd Civil War Is COMING Unless Trump Wins In A Landslide

TimcastNews - GPS Proves Woman Who Cried Hate Crime Wasnt Even There, Looks Like Another Leftist HOAX

TimcastNews - NBA Finals Ratings TANK To ALL TIME LOW, The Most EPIC Get Woke Go Broke

TimcastNews - Trump SLAMS Ridiculous move To De-gender Navy SEALs Ethos, Words Man And Brotherhood REMOVED

TimcastIRL - Trump Airlifted To The Hospital As COVID Symptoms Worsen, DontWalkRun Joins

October 1, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump CRUSHED Biden So Badly That They Will Now CUT OFF His Mic In Next Debates, Its All Rigged

TimcastNews - Proud Boys See SURGE In Recruiting Thanks To Biden, But Media WONT STOP LYING About Trump And PB's

Timcast - BUNK Ballots Sent Out En Masse PROVE Democrats Have Corrupted The Election Yet Media Blames Trump

TimcastNews - Trump REFUSES Rule Change To Cut His Mic, Democrats Beg For Rule Change Because Biden Got CRUSHED

TimcastNews - Amazon BANS Proud Boys Shirts That Read Stand By, Stand Down After Journalists Cry About It

TimcastNews - Journalist FIRED As Cancel Culture Backfires On Leftist, He Called Black Republican A Slur

TimcastIRL - Leftists Threaten More Riots As Election Draws Near, DC Riot Squad Is Here

September 30, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump DOMINATED The Debate Leaving Biden Looking WEAK Most Of The Time, CNN LOSES IT, Blames Trump

TimcastNews - Biden's REFUSAL To Condemn Antifa Is EXACLTY Why I'm Voting Trump, Leftists Get Charges DROPPED

Timcast - Democrats ALREADY Begging Biden Not To Debate Trump Again, Demand Rule Changes To Help Joe Compete

TimcastNews - Presidential Debate Ratings PLUMMET By Nearly 65%, Apparently No one Cared About Trump V. Biden

TimcastNews - People Start Calling On Joe Rogan To Moderate Next Debate To Save Us From Dumpster Fire

TimcastNews - Trump Tells Proud Boys STAND DOWN In New Statement As Media Goes Nuts Smearing Them

TimcastIRL - Debate Commission Changes Rules After Trump Dominates Debate, Jack Murphy Guests

September 29, 2020

TimcastNews - Veritas Posts PROOF Of Cash Paid For Ballots, Police Investigating, Ilhan Omar MOCKS Trump Over It

TimcastNews - Cancel Culture BACKFIRE On Antifa And BLM Just Went From bad To Worse, Leftist INDICTED By Feds

Timcast - Biden Reportedly Asked For Debate Breaks, REFUSES To Get Inspected For Ear Piece Or Do Drug Test

TimcastNews - Trump Nominated For Nobel Prize THIRD Time, Then Biden Gets Nominated Too__ It's All Dirty Games

TimcastNews - Leftists Sabotage Business Expansion Killing 20,000 NYC Jobs, Then CHEER For It, AOC Would be Proud

TimcastNews - Dude REFUSES To Say Black Lives Matter As Leftist Mobs Surrounds Him

September 28, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump Proven RIGHT After Video Shows Voter Fraud By Ilhan Omar Supporters, He DEMANDS Investigation

TimcastNews - Leftists Threaten MORE Rioting If Amy Coney Barrett Is Confirmed, They Are Walking Into Trump's TRAP

Timcast - Democrats Are LYING About Trump's Taxes, Push INSANE Theory That He's A National Security Threat

TimcastNews - Trump Ex Campaign Manager Brad Parscale TACKLED By Cops After Standoff

TimcastNews - Durham Probe Going After The Clinton Foundation Now__ October Surprise IS COMING

TimcastNews - Leftists Get Offended By Black Chef On Cream Of Wheat, DEMAND He Be Removed And They DO IT

TimcastIRL - Cop In Breonna Taylor Pleads NOT GUILTY, Riots Not Stopping

September 27, 2020

TimcastNews - BLM Organizer ARRESTED For Attempted Murder After Ramming Trump Supporters Injuring Two

TimcastNews - Leftist Riots ERUPT Across US, Florida Says RICO Charges For BLM, Portland PD Get Deputized By Feds

Timcast - Democrats Fall For TRAP As Smears Against Amy Coney Barrett BACKFIRE, Its The Kavanaugh Effect AGAIN

TimcastNews - Trump DEMANDS Joe Biden Take A Drug Test Before Debates, Offers To Do The Same

TimcastNews - BLM Activist CHARGED For Money laundering, Buying Property With BLM Donations

TimcastNews - New Poll Suggests Silent Majority May be Real OR People REALLY HATE Trump