Videos from September 19-25

September 25, 2021

September 24, 2021

TimcastNews - AOC CRIES After Nearly ENTIRE House Votes Against Her, But Its A LIE, AOC Actually Sided With Pelosi

TimcastNews - DHS Program Likened To Dystopian Pre-Crime, Feds Are Targeting The Right, Giving Antifa Free Pass

Timcast - Biden Urges All Eligible Americans Get Vaccine Booster, Mandates Will Get Worse, Shortages Worsening

TimcastIRL - Over 30k Illegal Immigrants Break Through US Border w_Ed Calderon

September 23, 2021

TimcastNews - Democrats Push INSANE Lie That Steve Bannon ADMITTED To Plotting Insurrection, Leftists Are Deluded

TimcastNews - Woman Uses Tinder As Man And Is SHOCKED How Awful Women Are To Men, The Culture War Is A Gender War

Timcast - Articles Of Impeachment Filed Against Biden, GOP Reps Cite Democrat Violating Separation of Powers

TimcastIRL - AOC Cries When Almost EVERY Rep Votes Against Her w_Malcolm FleX

September 22, 2021

TimcastNews - Biden Admin Caught LYING, Secretly Letting Illegal Immigrants In By The THOUSANDS, US Border Is DONE

TimcastNews - BLM Protests ERUPT Over Racist Vaccine Mandates, And THEYRE RIGHT, Democrat Mandates Empower Racism

Timcast - Chinese Communist Defector Says China INTENTIONALLY Released COVID, Warned The US In November 2019

TimcastIRL - CCP Defector Says China LEAKED COVID, Leaked Documents Ignite Scandal w_Jack Posobiec

September 21, 2021

TimcastNews - Union Worker RIOT Extends Into Second Day, Regular People Trample Police REFUSING Vaccine Mandate

TimcastNews - Democrats Falsely Claim Border Patrol WHIPPING Migrants As Haitian Crisis ERUPTS Into Tent City

Timcast - Biden Admin Approval Goes From BAD To WORSE As Americans Say He`s Mentally Unfit To Be President

TimcastIRL - MSM FINALLY Confirms Hunter Biden Laptop Story Proving Media LIED w_Daniel Turner

September 20, 2021

TimcastNews - The US Border Is Falling, Illegal Immigrants Go BACK AND FORTH, Democrats Subverted The Republic

TimcastNews - CREEPY Video Shows People Worshipping Pfizer Like A Cult, Celebrities Flout COVID Rules At Emmys

Timcast - Riots ERUPT Over COVID Lockdown And Vaccine Mandates, Police TRAMPLED, BLM Plans NYC Protest

TimcastIRL - Border Has Collapsed, Migrants Move FREELY Into US w_Alex Jones and Phil Labonte

September 19, 2021