Videos from September 13-19, 2020

September 19, 2020

TimcastNews - Leftists Go INSANE After RBG Passes, Declare War And Call For Riots, Proving Trump RIGHT Once Again

TimcastNews - Ocasio Cortez Calls For Democrats To RADICALIZE In Response To RBG's Death, THIS WILL BACKFIRE

Timcast - Democrats In Absolute PANIC As Republicans Vow To Replace Ginsburg IMMEDIATELY, The GOP Has Won

TimcastNews - Someone Just Tried To POISON Trump, Ricin Package Confirmed By Law Enforcement And Blocked

TimcastNews - Leftists EATING Their Own, Harass Ginsburg's Friends For Killing Her, Antifa Attacks Themselves

TimcastNews - Election Officials FURIOUS Over Insane Democrat Rules That BROKE The Election, QUIT Their Positions

September 18, 2020

TimcastNews - Leftists CANCEL White House Siege Due To Fear Of Trump, Confirms Trump's Plan WORKED, Riots Are DONE

TimcastNews - Anti Trump Postal Worker SMACKS 84 year Old Trump Supporter Upside The Head, BLM DEFENDS Criminals

Timcast - Trump Approval SKYROCKETS After Crushing BLM Leftist Riots And Signing Historic Peace Agreements

TimcastNews - Media Blames Trump For Biden's AWFUL Hispanic Support, This May PROVE Trump Is Going To Landslide

TimcastNews - Media FINALLY Calls Out Joe Biden's LIES, Biden Got SO MUCH Wrong At Townhall

TimcastNews - Biden Staffer Outed As Associate Of SUPER Racist Troll Hacker Group, Leftists PANIC Over Association

TimcastIRL - Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Died, Trump Must Now Appoint NEW SCOTUS Judge

September 17, 2020

TimcastNews - Man Who Killed BLM Protester Has Self Defense Ruling Overturned, DA Caves To BLM And Man is Indicted

TimcastNews - Leaked Emails PROVE Democrats Covered Up Low Covid Numbers Which Could have Undermined Lockdown

Timcast - DOJ Explored Charging Democrats For Allowing Antifa And BLM Leftist Riots, Trump Has ENDED The Riots

TimcastNews - Military Police Wanted To USe Direct Energy HEAT RAY on Rioters In DC, Couldn't Get One

TimcastNews - Black Lives Matter Support CUT IN HALF, Leftists Lost ALL Support Gained This Year As Riots BACKFIRE

TimcastNews - Spotify Employees ALREADY Trying To Get Joe Rogan Banned, Several Episodes REMOVED Already

September 16, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump Supporter ARRESTED After Defending His Home From BLM Mob, Morality Police Will Arrest YOU

TimcastNews - Chinese Whistleblower Scientist Says COVID Was INTENTIONALLY Released By The Chinese Communist Party

Timcast - Cancel Culture BACKFIRES On Antifa And BLM Leftists As Their Arrests Go Public, They Lose Their Jobs

TimcastNews - AG Barr Recommends SEDITION Charges For Antifa, Far Leftists ARE Organized And Anti American

TimcastNews - Babylon Bee Accidentally Wrote REAL NEWS__! CNN SLAMS Trump Peace Deal Over Social Distancing

TimcastNews - Media Launches SMEARS Of Joe Rogan As Excuse To Stop Biden From Joining EPIC Debate With Trump

TimcastIRL - Barr Told Feds To Charge Antifa With SEDITION, Man ARRESTED Defending Home From BLM

September 15, 2020

TimcastNews - Leaked DHS Email CONFIRMS Antifa Is Organized, Media Was Wrong Or Lying, More Rioters Arrested

TimcastNews - Police Charge BLM Leftists Who Harassed Elderly Couple, Raid On Antifa ENDS Lancaster Riots

Timcast - Republicans May See RED WAVE In November As Polls Become Wild Or Wrong And Democrats Flip For Trump

TimcastNews - Horrifying Bodycam Footage Released Shows Cops Shot Mercilessly, Will Leftists March For Them

TimcastNews - High Schoool Football Players SUSPENDED For Waving Flags Honoring Cops And Firemen On 911

TimcastNews - Kamala Harris AND Biden Slip Up And Say Its The Harris Administration, Democrats Have LOST IT

TimcastIRL - BLM Rioters Hit With ONE MILLION Dollar Bond And BOOM Rioting Over

September 14, 2020

TimcastNews - BLM Riots ERUPT In PA After Crazed Man Charges Cop With A Knife, Democrats Have REALLY Screwed Up

TimcastNews - LA Politician Blames Cops For Getting Shot And Nearly Killed, Bystanders Laugh And Mock Wounded Cops

Timcast - Top Trump Official Issues WARNING, Leftist Revolt Is Coming, Democrats Will NOT Concede The Election

TimcastNews - Trump AGREES To Joe Rogan Moderated Debate With Biden, WE GOTTA GET BIDEN TO SAY YES

TimcastNews - NFL Fans REVOLT Over Social Justice, Kaepernick Whining Now That He's Irrelevant

TimcastNews - Democrats Face RECKONING Over Unconstitutional Lockdowns, 400k People Sign Petition Against Whitmer

TimcastIRL - NY School Sparks OUTRAGE After Comparing Cops To The Klan, Colin Wright Joins

September 13, 2020

TimcastNews - Two LA Sheriffs AMBUSHED, Shot Several Times, BLM Block Hospital Road Saying I hope They Die

TimcastNews - Cop CAUGHT On Camera Implying Antifa Responsible For Wildfires, Facebook Will BAN Posts About It

Timcast - Democrats May Be Getting MILLIONS From Foreign Donors ILLEGALLY In Huge Scandal, Trump Slams Dems

TimcastNews - Trans Satanist Anarchist Wins REPUBLICAN Nomination, It's Time To VOTE And Run For Office

TimcastNews - San Francisco To Vote To Allow 16 Year Olds To Vote, They Deserve What Happens After

TimcastNews - BLM Leftists Buy Land To Make Black Only Village, The Left Is Pro Segregation