Videos from September 1-5, 2020

September 5, 2020

TimcastNews - Warrant CONFIRMS Antifa BLM Shooter STALKED Trump Supporter From Behind And Executed Him

TimcastNews - Antifa Puts Out ALERT As FBI Starts Rounding Them Up One By One, Trump is WINNING

Timcast - Trump Bans Leftist Ideology From Government In BIGGEST Victory For Conservatives In The Culture War

TimcastNews - Biden REFUSES To Call out BLM Riots Because It's HIS Fault, Trump Is Cleaning Up HIS Mess

TimcastNews - Kamala Harris Goes Full Anti Vaccine, Leftists REFUSE Vaccine Due To Trump Derangement Syndrome

TimcastNews - Leftist Organizations REFUSE To Acknowledge BLM Leftist Riots, While Victims Of Leftists Struggle

September 4, 2020

TimcastNews - Antifa Who Killed Trump Supporter Has Been Killed By Police, Before He Died He Said Civil War

TimcastNews - Antifa Killer's Sister Warns, He Will Be A Martyr For Far leftists As Calls For Civil War Intensify

Timcast - Democrats PANICKING Over Riots Get Saved By Media, Latest Smear Of Trump So INSANE It Can't Be Real

TimcastNews - Media And Democrats Have PLAYED US, Antifa Killed A Guy, Don't Fall For The Distraction

TimcastNews - Trump's Vote Twice Comment Tricked Media Into Accepting Mail in Voting Is BROKEN

TimcastNews - Spotify Stock TANKS Amid Reports Joe Rogan's Podcast Was Censored, I Call BS

TimcastIRL - Media Smear Of Trump Is Designed To Shift The News Cycle Off The Antifa Killer

September 3, 2020

TimcastNews - Democrat Governor Issues Mafioso Threat To Trump After President STRIPS Leftist Cities Of Funding

TimcastNews - Feds Arrest BLM Antifa Leftist For Sending Bomb Threat To Portland Police, Media PROTECTS Far left

Timcast - Democrats Issue Veiled Threat, Vote For Joe Biden Or Cities Burn, Say They Will NOT Concede To Trump

TimcastNews - Woman BEATS 12 Year old Boy For Carrying Trump Sign Say Police, Terminal TDS Is Serious

TimcastNews - Nancy Pelosi DEMANDS Apology From Salon After She Broke COVID Rules And Admitted It

TimcastNews - Trump Is Starting To WIN In Key Swing States, But Mail In Voter Fraud Is Likely

TimcastIRL - Antifa Leftist Appears To CONFESS To Killing Trump Supporter Claiming Self Defense

September 2, 2020

TimcastNews - Portland DA Released Leftist Who Then KILLED Two People, Feds Deputized State Police To END THIS

TimcastNews - Wild Theories Emerge As Video Shows Strange Vehicles Near Murdered Trump Supporter, Its NOT Helping

Timcast - Democrats Make Panicked Desperate Moves As Polls Favor Trump, SCREAM Law And Order In $45M Ad Run

TimcastNews - Joe Biden Gaffes And Blames Trump Supporters For Portland Execution Of Trump Supporter

TimcastNews - Trump SLAMS Pelosi For Breaking COVID Rules To Get Her Hair Did, Democrat Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

TimcastNews - Proud Boys Announce Rally In Portland To Protest Far Left BLM Rioters, Antifa, And The Mayor

TimcastIRL - Trump Orders NYC And Other _Anarchist Cities_ To Be STRIPPED Of Federal Funding

September 1, 2020

TimcastNews - BLM Leftists Set Fire In Portland Mayor's Condo, Police Are REFUSING To Help City End Riots

TimcastNews - DC Mayor Worried Country Is Descending Into Race War, Leftist Arrested For Plowing Van Into Crowd

Timcast - Democrats Predict LANDSLIDE Victory For Trump But Biden Still Wins, They Have BROKEN The Election

TimcastNews - DC Commission Wants To ERASE Our Founding Father's Names, Our Country Is Under Attack

TimcastNews - Elites Are Fleeing Democrat Cities, Something BIG Is Coming And We All know It

TimcastNews - Trump Says Plane Full of Thugs Under investigation, I Believe I Can CONFIRM This is True

TimcastIRL - Trump SLAMS Kenosha Riots As Domestic Terror Amid Tour Of CIty, Elijah Schaffer Joins