Videos from October 9-15

October 15, 2022

October 14, 2022

TimcastNews - SHOCKING Video Shows Pelosi Saying She WANTED Jan 6th To Happen And Threatening To ATTACK Trump

TimcastNews - UNHINGED Leftists Try To DESTROY Van Gogh, Glue Themselves To Wall, Fail And Get ARRESTED

Timcast - Elon Musk NUKED Ukrainian Gov FROM ORBIT SHUTTERING Starlink After They Told Him To F OFF

TimcastIRL - Pelosi Said SHE WANTED Jan 6th In Shocking Video w_Jessica Vaugn, Lydia And Rusty Cage

October 13, 2022

TimcastNews - AOC HECKLED And SLAMMED By Activists For Arming Azov Battalion, Supporting World War 3

TimcastNews - Medical Students EXPOSED Chanting Creepy Woke Leftist Mantra At University, ITS A CULT

Timcast - Biden CAUGHT In Quid Pro Quo, Democrats DEMAND Saudi Arabia HELP Them Win Midterms, THREATEN Allies

TimcastIRL - Biden Demanded Saudis Help Democrats WIN Midterms In SHOCKING Scandal w_Jim Antle

October 12, 2022

TimcastNews - Pfizer Exec Claims They DID NOT Know If Vax Stopped Transmission Sparking MAJOR SCANDAL

TimcastNews - FBI EXPOSED Trying To Bribe Ex Foreign Spy With $1M To Dig Up Dirt On Trump In SHOCKING Revelation

Timcast - Democrats MELTDOWN After NBC Interview EXPOSES PA Democrat Fetterman Unable To Understand Questions

TimcastIRL - Alex Jones Ordered To Pay ONE BILLION DOLLARS In Defamation Trial w_Andrew Gold

October 11, 2022

TimcastNews - Tulsi Gabbard Formally QUITS Democrat Party, GOOD RIDDANCE Trends, Tusli Should Have Endorsed Trump

TimcastNews - Muslims SHUT DOWN School Board Meeting Over Woke Gender Ideology And Adult Images In School Books

Timcast - Psychic Predicts WW3, Says US Gets BOMBED And Invaded, US Begins Expanding Nuclear Bunkers For Gov

TimcastIRL - Tulsi QUITS Democrat Party Citing Wokeness And Anti-White Racism w_Kathy Barnette

October 10, 2022

TimcastNews - Russia Just BOMBED German Embassy Amid Putin Retaliation, Trump Says Biden Is Bringing Us Into WW3

TimcastNews - PayPal Stock TANKS After INSANE Social Credit System BACKFIRED, PayPal Claims It Was An Error

Timcast - Liberal Women Tend To Be More MENTALLY ILL And Unhappy According To THE SCIENCE, Vote Democrat

TimcastIRL - Russia MISSILE STRIKES German Embassy, Trump Warns WW3 Is Coming, AGAIN w_Drew Miller

October 9, 2022