Videos from October 4-10, 2020

October 10, 2020

TimcastNews - Second Trump Biden Debate CANCELED, Its All RIGGED As 3rd Moderator Tries HIDING Her Past tweets

TimcastNews - Guy Who Tried To KIDNAP Democrat Governor Was BLM Supporter, Left And Right Are MEANINGLESS Now

Timcast - Democrat Calls For Trump Supporting Maggots To be REMOVED From Society As Civil War Fears Escalate

TimcastNews - Social Media is LYING About Mail In Voting, Thief CAUGHT Stealing Ballots From Mailboxes

TimcastNews - Betting Market EERILY Similar To 2016, Major Poll Shows Why Trump Might Actually Win

TimcastNews - Biden Says Voters Don't Deserve To Know If He Will Pack The Court, Damaging Our Country

October 9, 2020

TimcastNews - BLM Leftists Storm Private Businesses, Yelp Will Now Flag YOUR Business As Racist If You're Accused

TimcastNews - The Debates Are RIGGED, Moderator PANICS After Accidentally Tweeting To Anti Trump Activist

Timcast - Democrats Announce Plan To REMOVE President But NOT Trump, Pelosi Setting Stage To Remove BIDEN

TimcastNews - Police Drop TROVES of Documents Proving Leftist Breonna Taylor Narrative Is A LIE

TimcastNews - RIGGED Debate Moderate Caught Using I was Hacked Excuse SEVERAL Times

TimcastNews - Rich People PANIC And Start Buying Up Private Islands En Masse, What Do They Know That We Don't

October 8, 2020

TimcastNews - Mike Pence NUKED Kamala Harris From ORBIT In The Debate, Trump REFUSING Virtual Debate With Biden

TimcastNews - BLM Leftist Rioters SMASH UP Homes, National Guard Deployed In TWO States As Escalation Gets Worse

Timcast - FBI Arrest Six Men Who Plotted To KIDNAP Democrat Governor And Try Her For TREASON Over Lockdown

TimcastNews - Democrats Launch UNHINGED Plot To REMOVE Trump Using The 25th Amendment

TimcastNews - Trump SLAMS Obama And Biden, DEMANDS They Be Indicted Immediately By Bill Barr

TimcastNews - Portland DA Drops HUNDREDS Of Antifa Riot Charges While NYC Targets Jewish People

TimcastIRL - Anarchist Group Arrested For Plotting To KIDNAP Michigan Governor

October 7, 2020

TimcastNews - Gangs Have Taken Over NYC, Defunding Police BACKFIRES (More) Riots Continue, Jewish Protests ERUPT

TimcastNews - NBC CAUGHT Using Fake Undecided Voters To Trick people Into Voting Biden, Trump SNAPS At Fake News

Timcast - Trump Drops MASSIVE Bombshell Implicating Hillary Clinton, Democrats In Fabricating Russia Gate Hoax

TimcastNews - Minneapolis Cop RELEASED On Bond, Riots INCOMING, Spike Lee Says CIVIL WAR Is Coming

TimcastNews - Liberal Comedy Shows Are DYING, Get Woke Go Broke, Orange Man Bad DOESNT SELL

TimcastNews - Mail in Voting BACKFIRES, Democrats Jump Ship In Panic As Mail Votes Get REJECTED In Large Numbers

October 6, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump Has COMPLETELY Broken Journalists Brains, CNN Pushes Unhinged Rant About A Government COVER UP

TimcastNews - Facebook CENSORS Trump Post About COVID, Media And Big Tech Are Colluding To Help Joe Biden

Timcast - Secret Trump Voters ARE REAL, New Research Shows Polling Is WRONG And Trump Might CRUSH Biden

TimcastNews - Netflix INDICTED By Texas Grand Jury, Faces CRIMINAL CHARGES Over 'Cuties' Film Exploitation

TimcastNews - NYT Leftists Call For International Intervention Into The US Over Trump's Fascism

TimcastNews - Antifa Mayor Is Now Leading Portland Polling, This Is How Portland FALLS

TimcastIRL - NYPD Commissioner Calls BLM Activists SPOILED BRATS, Scott Presler Joins

October 5, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump Has BROKEN Mainstream Media, Journalists UNHINGED Theories PROVE They Are Democrat Activists

TimcastNews - Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Tests POSITIVE For COVID, Journalists Probably Got Her Sick

Timcast - BLM Leftists ATTACK Trump Supporters As Conservatives Hold Rallies And Leftists Start Targeting Them

TimcastNews - Donald Trump is OK! He Will Leave Walter Reed At 630PM, Anti Trump Leftists FURIOUS For Some Reason

TimcastNews - NYC Will Lockdown AGAIN, Democrat Cuomo Goes Full Anti Semite Targeting Jewish People Specifically

TimcastNews - Democrat Governor Is REFUSING To Abide By Court Ruling Ending COVID Lockdown

TimcastIRL - TRUMP LIVES! POTUS Leaves Hospital As Outraged Journalists Shake Fists w_Lauren Chen

October 4, 2020

TimcastNews - Riots Erupt In Seattle, Leftists Throw Explosives At Cops, The Violence Has Become Normalized

TimcastNews - Trump May Be Released TOMORROW As Doctors REJECT Unhinged Theories From Fake News That Hes VERY SICK

Timcast - Trump Catching COVID Has Actually HELPED HIM, New Poll Shows Trump BEATING Biden Nationally

TimcastNews - Leftists Keep Pushing UNHINGED Theories, But Trump May Actually Be VERY Sick

TimcastNews - A New Migrant Caravan of 2,000 People Is Now Heading For The US And Leftists Claim It's A TRICK

TimcastNews - Mass Unrest Is Coming And Americans Are Justifying Their Right To Use FORCE Against The Other Side