Videos from November 8-14, 2020

November 14, 2020

TimcastNews - Famous Lawyer Says Trump WILL WIN His PA Lawsuit, Democrats Should Not Be Underestimating Trump

TimcastNews - Democrats CAUGHT Ignoring Their Own COVID Rules, They Are Destroying The Economy DENYING Science

Timcast - Democrats Stunning Defeat Sparks Internal War Over Leftist Policy, Republicans Tracking To Win 2022

TimcastNews - Nate Silver OUTRAGED That People STILL Betting On Trump To Win, Put Up or SHUT UP

TimcastNews - CNN Is Falling Apart, AT&T Reportedly DESPERATE To Sell Worthless Network

TimcastNews - Defund Police And Riots Trigger Mass Exodus Of Cops In MN Resulting In Crime Waves

November 13, 2020

TimcastNews - Journalist Accidentally AGREES With Trump And Kayleigh McEnany As Trump Scores Legal Victory In PA

TimcastNews - Fauci Says American Spirit IN THE WAY And Says Do As You're Told As Economic Shutdowns Start AGAIN

Timcast - Trump Legal Team QUITS After Never Trump And Democrat Harassment Campaign, Dems Play DIRTY For Biden

TimcastNews - Officials ADMIT LYING To Trump To SUBVERT His Orders, Keep Troops In Middle East

TimcastNews - Trump PURGES Pentagon Leadership Causing PANIC Among Democrats And Warmongers

TimcastNews - Biden Camp Is Scared Trump Supporters Would Flood His Inauguration, If He Gets One

TimcastIRL - Youtube DELETED Our Alex Jones Episode

November 12, 2020

TimcastNews - NEW Lawsuit Filed By Voters, Not Trump, Seeks To Block 1.2M Votes Flipping Michigan TO Trump

TimcastNews - Biden COVID Advisor Calls For NATIONWIDE Lockdown, Biden Is Going To Destroy The US Economy

Timcast - Trump WINS Legal Battle In PA REJECTING Votes, But Trump Is Still FAR From Winning Legal Victory

TimcastNews - Democrats Urge Potential Voter Fraud Telling People Move To Virginia To SWING Senate

TimcastNews - Media Facing COLLAPSE If Trump Does Not Get Reelected, They Will Have NOTHING To Write About

TimcastNews - Bernie And Warren Just Got THE BOOT From Biden, Corporate Dems Betray Progressives

TimcastIRL - Alex Jones Talks Lockdowns, The Election With Tim Pool And Michael Malice

November 11, 2020

TimcastNews - Propaganda War Is Getting CRAZY, RNC Says 11,000 People Allege FRAUD But Media IGNORES Evidence

TimcastNews - Georgia Orders FULL HAND RECOUNT OF ALL VOTES, Texas Lt. Governor Offers $1M For Fraud Evidence

Timcast - Trump Files ANOTHER Suit Blocking Michigan Results, Media Finally Realizes Trump Can STILL Win This

TimcastNews - Wisconsin Lawmaker Says Electoral College Should REJECT Results, Paving Way For TRUMP WIN

TimcastNews - Florida's Desantis Proposes Law Allowing People To Shoot Looters And Rioters

TimcastNews - NY And NJ Announce MORE LOCKDOWNS, It's Starting Get Ready For WORSE Lockdowns

TimcastIRL - Trump Staging A COUP?! Journalists Panic Over Trump's Latest Move w_ Jack Murphy

November 10, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump SUES PA To BLOCK Election Certification Citing Bush v Gore, Long Shot Might Actually Work

TimcastNews - Trump Insists He WILL WIN, DOJ Official Resigns As Bill Barr Authorizes Vote Fraud Investigation

Timcast - Secretary of State Says We WILL Have 2nd Trump Administration As Propaganda War ERUPTS Over Election

TimcastNews - Trump Orders Agencies To Operate As Though He WILL NOT LEAVE January, Orders FEBRUARY Budget

TimcastNews - Leftists Call FOr Tribunals And Commissions For RETRIBUTION Against Trump Supporters

TimcastNews - Truckers Plan Strike To Protest Biden Attack On Blue Collar Workers

TimcastIRL - Project Veritas PROVES Media Is LYING About Fraud Claims, THIS IS WILD

November 9, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump Begins His Legal War Over Presidency, REFUSES To Concede, Biden Has NOT BEEN CERTIFIED Winner

TimcastNews - Biden Voter ALREADY Regrets Voting For Him After Realizing He Is FOR More Lockdowns, womp womp

Timcast - CNN Host Issues Warning To Trump Supporters, DEFEND Trump And You'll Be BLACKLISTED, Lists Are Next

TimcastNews - Biden Says DARK WINTER Is Coming, COVID Lockdown Seems Imminent As Democrats Panic

TimcastNews - Trump Lawyer Giuliani Says 450,000 Votes In PA Are ILLEGAL, This Could Swing PA For Trump

TimcastNews - Rumors Circulate Trump Is ALready Planning a 2024 Run If His Legal Battle Fails

TimcastIRL - Former VICE Editor-In-Chief In Studio With BREAKING News

November 8, 2020