Videos from November 7-13

November 13, 2021

November 12, 2021

TimcastNews - Media Lets Antifa Witness LIE On TV About Attacking Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecutor Uses FAKE EVIDENCE

TimcastNews - MAJOR VICTORY For Rittenhouse, Judge Just AGREED With Defense On Gun Charge Exemption

Timcast - Biden DOJ Has Begun RAIDING Opposition Journalists, Accused Of Leaking Project Veritas Legal Memos

TimcastIRL - National Guard DEPLOYING Over Rittenhouse Verdict w_FenixAmmo and RecoilMag

November 11, 2021

TimcastNews - Leftists DEMAND Mistrial In Rittenhouse Case Because Judge`s Phone Played `God Bless The USA`

TimcastNews - BLM Issues DIRECT THREAT To Riot And Kill If NYPD Try To Bring Back Police Unit

Timcast - Police Start Preparing For BLM RIOTS As Even Leftists Say Rittenhouse WILL Be Acquitted, Not Guilty

TimcastIRL - Police Prepare For Nationwide BLM Riots As Rittenhouse Faces Acquittal w_Daniel Turner

November 10, 2021

TimcastNews - Nancy Pelosi Demands CRIMINAL Investigation Over Republican Meme About AOC, Democrats Are Hypocrites

TimcastNews - VP Harris Hits HISTORICAL Disapproval, Jimmy Kimmel Blames Racism And Sexism In DESPERATE Deflection

Timcast - Rittenhouse Judge YELLS At Prosecutor Over Grave Misconduct, Judge May Rule MISTRIAL With Prejudice

TimcastIRL - Prosecutors Engage in GROSS Misconduct, Judge Threatens Mistrial w_Jack Murphy

November 9, 2021

TimcastNews - Mainstream Media LIES, Edits Video To SMEAR Rittenhouse, State Key Witness IMPLODES On The Stand

TimcastNews - Gavin Newsome Went Missing For 2 Weeks After Getting COVID Booster, Even NYT Is Asking What Happened

Timcast - Biden Admin OPENLY Abuses Power, Orders Vaccine Mandate DESPITE Court Blocking Him, GOP Must IMPEACH

TimcastIRL - Judge CAUGHT Someone Filming Rittenhouse Jury, But Did NOTHING w_Steve Hilton

November 8, 2021

TimcastNews - NBA Officially Mandates Boosters For All Players, Aaron Rodgers Tells Everyone To F Off Over Vaccine

TimcastNews - Antifa Is Now FULL FASCIST, Attacks Anti Vaccine Mandate Protesters, Antifa SUPPORTS Government

Timcast - Rittenhouse Trial JUST IMPLODED, DA FACEPALMS As Key Witness ADMITS Kyle Acted In Self Defense

TimcastIRL - State Key Witness Just NUKED ENTIRE Rittenhouse Case Proving Self Defense w_Kash Patel

November 7, 2021