Videos from November 6-12

November 12, 2022

November 11, 2022

TimcastNews - Democrats Say Trump ADMITTED To Cheating In 2018 To Help DeSantis, Say DeSantis RIGGED The Midterm

TimcastNews - Elon Musk Warns Twitter MAY GO OUT OF BUSINESS, ALREADY Shut Down Twitter Blue As Activists ATTACK

Timcast - Kari Lake WILL WIN According To Current Trends, But 2022 May Be Different And See Democrats Take It

TimcastIRL - Pharma LOSES BILLIONS After Fake Tweet, Twitter IN CHAOS w_Corin Nemec, Amanda Milius

November 10, 2022

TimcastNews - New Report Suggests Kari Lake WILL WIN, Ballots Expected To Favor Lake Over Hobbs BUT ITS NOT OVER

TimcastNews - Unmarried Women Vote Democrat In HUGE Numbers, Conservatives Say GET MARRIED Or Repeal The 19th

Timcast - Media Claims GOP CIVIL WAR Has Begun, LIES, Trump DID NOT Drag Down GOP Votes, GOP WON Bigly

TimcastIRL - CNN Accuses DeSantis Of Cheating To Win Florida, here We Go w_Chad Prather And Cjaye

November 9, 2022

TimcastNews - GOP Scores MASSIVE VICTORY, DeSantis LANDSLIDE, NYT Projects GOP Will TAKE The House With 224 Seats

TimcastNews - Democrat ADMITS To Voter Fraud On The View, Says She Voted FOR Her Son, Liberals RUSH To Excuse

Timcast - Democrats Elected A DEAD MAN IN LANDSLIDE As Republicans Begin Arguing Over Trump Vs DeSantis 2024

TimcastIRL - Biden Vows TO DO NOTHING, CHANGE NOTHING, Then Run Again In 2024 w_Milo Yiannopoulos

November 8, 2022

TimcastNews - Democrats Begin SUING To Force The Count Of Bad Ballots, The Crimson Moon Signals A Great Red Wave

TimcastNews - Democrat Voter Announces HE WILL NOT VOTE, Says Democrats Are Violent Liars And Hypocrites

Timcast - Voting Machines FAILING In Arizona Sparking OUTRAGE, GOP Lawyers ARE ON IT, Go Vote! HOLD THE LINE

TimcastIRL - The Red Wave COMETH, AZ In Chaos Midterms Are NOW w_Libby, Drew, Lisa, And Mary

November 7, 2022

TimcastNews - Elon BANS Prominent Leftists, Woke Are LIVID Rules Are Finally Enforced Against Them, Start CRYING

TimcastNews - Kari Lake Office SHUTTERED After White Substance Triggers FBI Probe, Fear of Civil War Keeps Growing

Timcast - Elon Musk Endorses GOP, Says VOTE REPUBLICAN, As Full BLOOD MOON Will Rise On Day Of Midterms

TimcastIRL - Twitter Has RECORD Growth After Elon Takes Over, BANS Leftists w_Libby And Owen Cook

November 6, 2022