Videos from November 15-21, 2020

November 21, 2020

TimcastNews - New SCOTUS Assignment Ignites Rumors of Trump Victory Plan, Media REPOSTS Outright LIES About Trump

TimcastNews - Michigan GOP DEMANDS Detroit Vote Audit, Call For Delaying Certification, MI Might STILL Be In Play

Timcast - Americans Openly DEFY COVID Lockdown To Celebrate Thanksgiving, Democrat Hypocrisy Sparks Defiance

TimcastNews - Trump Is Going HARD On WI Recount, Democrats Seem Worried About What An Audit Will Find

TimcastNews - Leftist Democrats Think They Are Winning As The Democrats LOSE Elections

TimcastNews - Trump Is Going to Go HAM With Executive Orders If Biden Gets The Electoral College

November 20, 2020

TimcastNews - GOP Scores Victory Getting Ballots REJECTED In PA, But Trump's New Plan Is BLOCKING Certification

TimcastNews - Tucker Carlson Accused of LYING, Trump Lawyer Says They Sent Evidence Of Fraud And Tucker IGNORED It

Timcast - FEC Chair Calls Election Illegitimate Due To Fraud, MORE Evidence Of Widespread Irregularity Drops

TimcastNews - White House Press Corp ERUPTS In Cacophony Of Whinging As They Realize Media DIES Without Trump

TimcastNews - Kayleigh McEnany SLAMS CNN Reporter, Calls Her An Activist Triggering Media OUTRAGE

TimcastNews - Biden Is Asking For People To Pay For his Transition Before He Officially Won

TimcastIRL - Kyle Rittenhouse RELEASED, Weird SCOTUS Move Has Rumors Of Trump w_Hotep Jesus

November 19, 2020

TimcastNews - Michigan Republicans RESCIND Vote Certification, Witnesses Say FRAUD In GA, ITS HAPPENING

TimcastNews - Trump Withdraws MI Lawsuit After REFUSAL To Certify Vote, Even Biden Voters Say Trump DONT Concede

Timcast - Trump Team Drops EVIDENCE Of Fraud, SLAMS Media For Ignoring It, Claims Centralized Fraud May Exist

TimcastNews - Evidence Of Widespread Voter Irregularity Just Dropped, Republicans Votes MISSING

TimcastNews - Democrats Calls For WWII Style Deprogramming of 75 Million Trump Voters

TimcastNews - Democrats Are QUITTING The Party AGAIN, Dems Are Collapsing

TimcastIRL - AZ Governor WILL NOT Certify Election Until Trump's Lawsuits Settled, w_GPrime85

November 18, 2020

TimcastNews - Leftists Harass Republicans Until They Certified Irregular Votes In MI, Something WEIRD Is Happening

TimcastNews - Protests Over FORCED Vaccinations Erupt, Democrats Openly VIOLATE Lockdown, Dark Winter is Coming

Timcast - Democrats PANIC Trump Is Planning A COUP, Trump Filling Ranks With Loyalists And REFUSES To Concede

TimcastNews - Trump Drops $3M Filing Recount In Liberal Wisconsin Counties, Putting His Money On The Line

TimcastNews - Democrats Call For Prosecution of Trump And His Enablers, REJECT Unity And Want Retribution

TimcastNews - CNN Blames Republicans For Democrat Failures Dealing With COVID, Laughably Pathetic

TimcastIRL - Protests ERUPT Over Forced Vaccinations In Europe w_Ryan Long

November 17, 2020

TimcastNews - NV Election THROWN OUT Over Discrepancies, 153k Votes in Question, GA Recount Gets Trump NET GAIN

TimcastNews - Stores Stripped As COVID Lockdowns Spark PANIC, Tucker Carlson WARNS Of The Great Reset

Timcast - Democrat Governor Whitmer Faces IMPEACHMENT, Republicans REJECT Her Unconstitutional COVID Lockdown

TimcastNews - BLM Leftist Who Attacked MAGA Families Turns Out To Be Journalists, Proving Journalism is Dead

TimcastNews - Corporate Media is DYING And Desperately Trying To Smear Real And Independent News

TimcastNews - Evidence Of Systemic Voter FAILURE Could Have CUT THOUSANDS Of Republican Votes in PA

TimcastIRL - Michigan County REFUSES To Certify Election, ITS HAPPENING w_ Michael Malice

November 16, 2020

TimcastNews - Media LYING About Trump Dropping Suit, This Is INSANE, The Propaganda Is Getting DESPERATE

TimcastNews - CNN Says Christmas Is CANCELED, Fauci Says NEW Lockdown Will Last FOR A YEAR, Start Preparing

Timcast - Largest US Militia REFUSES To Recognize Biden As President, Leftists Attack Trump Rally Attendees

TimcastNews - Democrats SLAMMED Over Hypocrisy For Claiming Dominion Voting Was Dangerous Now Backtracking

TimcastNews - Fox YouTube Views COLLAPSING, Viewers REJECT Channel For Lying About Voter Fraud

TimcastNews - World Economic Forum DELETES Video On The Great Reset That Says You'll Own NOTHING After Backlash

TimcastIRL - Georgia Recount Just gave Trump NET GAIN w_Jack Murphy and Jorge Ventura

November 15, 2020

TimcastNews - Antifa And BLM Leftists Brutally Beat Trump Supporters And Random People In At Million MAGA March

TimcastNews - Recount Finds MASSIVE Boost For Republicans, Democrats Lose Votes, We MUST Recount Contested States

Timcast - Election Audit Uncovers More Evidence Of Voter Fraud, CNN Says Trump's Claims Are Fake News

TimcastNews - Joe Biden Charity Gave ZERO To Cancer Research but Paid Out MILLIONS In Salaries

TimcastNews - Woke Leftists Get Book On Gender Issues BANNED But Target REVERSES, Win For The Good Guys

TimcastNews - Biden COVID Advisor Says Its Going To Get WAY WORSE, Media Says LOCK DOWN NOW