Videos from November 1-7, 2020

November 7, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump STILL Refuses Defeat As Conservative Outlets Slowly Start To Concede The End Is Nigh For Trump

TimcastNews - Media CALLS IT FOR JOE BIDEN, Trump REFUSES Defeat Says The Legal Battle Begins Monday

Timcast - Democrats Massive Failure Shocks MSNBC, Calling Biden a One-Off As Dems Get CRUSHED Nationwide

TimcastNews - Media Says Biden WON And COVID Fear VANISHED Instantly As Leftists DANCE In Crowds

TimcastNews - Trump Destroyed Democrats Race Card FOREVER, Minorities MOVED Republican In 2020

TimcastNews - Democrats CAUGHT Rioting And Its Likely It WONT STOP Anytime Soon

November 6, 2020

TimcastNews - Biden TAKES LEAD In PA And GA, GOP Files CRIMINAL Referral Over Voter Fraud, The Nightmare Continues

TimcastNews - Georgia Says There WILL BE A RECOUNT, Democrats Call Biden President-Elect, Trump REFUSES To Concede

Timcast - Democrat BREAKS DOWN Crying After Losing House Seat, Dems Erupt Into Chaos Over Massive House Defeat

TimcastNews - SERIOUS GLITCH Swings 6,000 Votes To Biden In Michigan, Hand Recounted NEEDED NOW

TimcastNews - AOC Calls For Listing Trump Supporters For Future, Far left Creates Trump Supporter List

TimcastNews - Democrat DEFECTOR Jeff Van Drew WINS As Republican Proving People REJECT Democrat Nonsense

November 5, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump STILL On Path For Victory As CHAOS Erupts, Riots, Protests And Fraud Allegations ERUPT

TimcastNews - Trump WINS Legal Victory In Pennsylvania, Democrats Try To BLOCK Vote Counting Transparency

Timcast - Trump Files Lawsuit In Nevada, Alleges Dead People Voted, OUTRAGE As Unexplained Delays Stop Count

TimcastNews - Nancy Pelosi Might LOSE Speakership As Republicans Flip EIGHT Seats

TimcastNews - California Votes DOWN Prop 16 Rejecting Leftist Policy On Affirmative Action

TimcastNews - The Media Has FAILED, They're ADMITTING They Are Clueless And Confused About EVERYTHING

TimcastIRL - Steve Bannon BANNED, Now Begins TRUTH And Reconciliation Panels

November 4, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump OVER PERFORMED, The Polls Were TOTALLY WRONG, Republicans GAIN House Seats, Senate Looks GOP

TimcastNews - TRUMP MIGHT FLIP AZ, It Was Called WRONG, Democrats Got OBLITERATED In The House, R's Make HUGE Gain

Timcast - Trump Files LAWSUIT To Stop Vote Counting In Michigan, DEMANDS Recount In Wisconsin, Collins WINS

TimcastNews - Trump Declares VICTORY In Pennsylvania, Biden Declares TOTAL Victory, Chaos Begins

TimcastNews - Sharpiegate ERUPTS As Trump Supporters Fear Dirty Trick Disqualified Their Ballots

TimcastNews - BLM Leftists Are FURIOUS At Latinos Who Overwhelmingly REJECTED Socialism And Voted Trump

TimcastIRL - Election CHAOS, Trump Sues Three States, Nightmare Scenario BEGINS

November 3, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump Wins First To Vote Village, Media Says Biden CAN Declare Victory But Trump CANT

TimcastNews - Republicans Are WINNING IN FLORIDA, Rep Lead Growing Over Democrats Every Minute, GO VOTE NOW

Timcast - National Guard ACTIVATED In 16 States, Deployed In Several Cities As Post Election Unrest Predicted

TimcastNews - The Most INSANE Forecasts Predicting The Election Outcome, Say TRUMP WINS

TimcastNews - British Man Just Bet FIVE MILLION On Donald Trump To Win Reelection

TimcastNews - Ben Shapiro is Right, Democrats Have GONE INSANE, Why I Voted Trump And Republicans

TimcastIRL - Election Day is Here, Live Hangout And Results

November 2, 2020

TimcastNews - White House Goes On LOCKDOWN, Massive Fence Erected As Mass Unrest Expected, Far Left Plans Coup

TimcastNews - Biden Misses Rally Cue, Stumbles Around Confused, Blurts Out GIBBERISH, Trump Must Win, This Is NUTS

Timcast - Wisdom Of The Crowd Predicting TRUMP LANDSLIDE, Farage Says Polls Are LYING To Suppress Trump Vote

TimcastNews - Joe Biden Plans Leftist Equity Credit Scoring System If Elected

TimcastNews - PA Attorney General Says TRUMP WILL NOT WIN No Matter What Happens Sparks Fear Of Dirty Games

TimcastNews - Biden Says Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES Will Trump be Declared Victorious Tomorrow

TimcastIRL - Jack Posobiec And Lauren Chen IN STUDIO, Election Preview And Predictions

November 1, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump Rally Hits 57 THOUSAND PEOPLE IN PA As Newspaper Endorses Him As First Republican Since 1972

TimcastNews - Leftist Media Starting To Worry That Civil War Is HERE As BLM Riots And Attacks Trump Supporters

Timcast - New Forecast Predicts Trump Reelection VICTORY In Republican Surge, Media FRANTIC To Explain Away

TimcastNews - Media FREAKING OUT Over Report Trump Will Declare Victory If He Wins, Seriously

TimcastNews - Scott Adams Predicts Antifa Storm White House, Lethal Force Needed, Yikes...

TimcastNews - Facebook PURGE Is Here, Pro-Trump Groups WIPED OUT, Twitter Suppressing Trump Votes