Videos from March 8-14

March 14, 2020

TimcastNews - Italy Death rate Hits 7 Percent As Cases In US Keep Growing, Apple Is SHUTTING Down Its Stores For 2 Weeks

TimcastNews - Secret Documents Reveal Coronavirus Could be `Category 5,` Intel Personnel Stock 3 Months of Food

TimcastNews - Guatemala Announces BAN Of Americans, France Shutters ALL BUSINESSES Like Restaurants and Cafes

TimcastNews - Democrat Caught With gay Male Escort Overdosing On `Unknown Substance`

TimcastNews - Twitter Bends The Knee To Chinese Disinformation Campaigns To Smear The US And Trump

Timcast - Democrats Have Gone COMPLETELY Insane And Voting For Joe Biden Proves It, Trump Must Be Gloating

March 13, 2020

TimcastNews - People are SCALPING Toilet Paper Amidst Coronavirus Panic, Jacking Prices Up Several Times Normal

TimcastNews - Trump To Declare National Emergency Over Coronavirus, Its Time To SHUT UP About Orange Man Bad

TimcastNews - Ocasio Cortez Is REFUSING To Campaign For Bernie Because He Isn`t Far left Enough

TimcastNews - Leftist Digital Media Is COLLAPSING And Their Top Staff Are Jumping Ship

TimcastNews - Democratic Primary DELAYED, More People Call For Election To Be Postponed

Timcast - Donald Trump WARNED Us About China And He Was Right, China GLOATS That Can Take Away Our Medicine

March 12, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump Shuts Down Travel From Europe, Its Time To Assume The Worst Is Coming And Don Lemon Is A Moron

TimcastNews - NBA Player Gloats, RUBS MICROPHONES, Ends Up Infected And Now ANOTHER Teammate Is Infected

TimcastNews - This Is The CRINGIEST Thing Samantha Bee Has Ever Done, Fake Audience Tries Laughing To Bad jokes

TimcastNews - Journalist Who FAILED Math On Live TV Now Blames `Racists` For Mocking Her Bad Math

TimcastNews - Trump Clarifies Americans WILL BE Barred From Coming Back From Europe If They Are Infected

Timcast - Far Left Democrat Finally ADMITS To Unethical Acts, Provides Evidence Of Corruption

March 11, 2020

TimcastNews - Bernie Sanders Got CRUSHED, Far left Just Got A Cold Wake Up Call, Realize They Are In A Bubble

TimcastNews - Coronavirus Declared PANDEMIC Officially, Congress Warned Most American Will be Exposed (UPDATED)

TimcastNews - Italy`s Medical System Collapsing Under Coronavirus, Discuss Leaving Elderly To Die

TimcastNews - Trump Wins ANOTHER Supreme Court Victory Over Immigration, Immigrants CAN Be Removed Under Law

TimcastNews - Investor Confronts ABC CEO Over Anti-Conservative Bias, Calls Out ABC News For Anti Trump Narrative

Timcast - Democrats Vow To QUIT The Democratic Party If Joe Biden Is The Nominee, Bernie`s Campaign CRUMBLES

March 10, 2020

TimcastNews - Nissan Launches Woke Feminist Commercial With Brie Larson, Decide To Get Woke Go Broke

TimcastNews - New York Deploys National Guard Due To Coronavirus Outbreak, Italy Under TOTAL LOCKDOWN

TimcastNews - Biden Cusses At Union Worker And Democrats Cheer Him On! Dude Has Lost His Mind

TimcastNews - Bernie Supporters Announce They QUIT The Democratic Party So Media Calls Them RUSSIANS

TimcastNews - British Court Rules You CANNOT BE Gender Neutral On Your Passport

Timcast - Impeachment Somehow STILL Backfiring On Democrats, Trump Republican Approval SHATTER 15 Year Trend

March 09, 2020

TimcastNews - Twitter DOUBLES DOWN Suspending Journalist Who Exposed Socialist Carlos Maza, Youtube Suppressed Me

TimcastNews - Coronavirus RIOTS Erupt In Italian Prisons Leaving 6 Dead, US Market Drop WAS NOT Coronavirus

TimcastNews - Feminist Antifa Accidentally Firebomb Themselves At Riot In Mexico

TimcastNews - Democrats In NY Announce Prison Labor Will Make Sanitizer For Coronavirus Outbreak

TimcastNews - Media FURIOUS That Bernie And Trump Supporters MOCKING Joe Biden For His Broken Brain

Timcast - Bernie Sanders Far Left Revolution has Already Failed, Democrats Keep Losing Because Of Their Bubble

March 08, 2020

TimcastNews - Twitter Suspends Journalist After EXPOSING Far Leftist Carlos Maza As Extremely Rich

TimcastNews - Italy Just Quarantined 16 MILLION People, Governments Say Hard Lockdowns Are Coming Get Ready

TimcastNews - Democrats Worry As Black Voters Switch To Trump, Van Jones Says They`re In A Bubble

TimcastNews - Trump Has Declared WAR On Fake News, Files Several Lawsuits against News Outlets

TimcastNews - Man Who Attacked Trump Supporter ARRESTED, Pleads Out, Faces FOUR YEARS In prison

Timcast - The Democratic Party`s Collapse Has Become SAD, Democrats Request Biden Can SIT DOWN At Next Debate