Videos from March 7-13

March 13, 2021

March 12, 2021

TimcastNews - Biden SLAMMED After Taking All the Credit For Vaccine Rollout Despite Trump Doing Most Of The Work

TimcastNews - Antifa Riots REIGNITE The Portland Court House Poll PROVES Far left Is Most Dangerous Politically

Timcast - Democrats DEMAND Governor Cuomo Resign As He Faces CRIMINAL Investigation Over Nursing Home Scandal

TimcastIRL - Minneapolis To Fund Antifa Autonomous Zone With $500k w_James Lindsay

March 11, 2021

TimcastNews - Tucker Carlson Sparks Flame War With NYT Over Criticizing Journalist Taylor Lorenz And Im SICK OF IT

TimcastNews - Woke Leftists Accidentally CANCEL THEMSELVES Magazine Loses Million Dollar Deal After Woke Outrage

Timcast - Democrats Pass New Gun Control Bill Media Launches Creepy Coordinated Propaganda On Gun Crime

TimcastIRL - Antifa Storms Banks in Portland, Try To Break Into Federal Building w_Kim Iversen

March 10, 2021

TimcastNews - Steven Crowder SUSPENDED AGAIN Musician Canceled For Praising Andy Ngo Censorship Is Getting WORSE

TimcastNews - Prosecutors Are Trying To Bring CRIMINAL Charges Against Democrat Governors Over Nursing Home Deaths

Timcast - CA Governor Wont Give Up Lockdown Policies Because Of Inequity Democrats Exploit COVID For Power

TimcastIRL - Far Left Creates New Autonomous Zone At George Floyd Memorial w_Scott Presler

March 9, 2021 (Happy Birthday Tim!!)

TimcastNews - Woke Leftists Eat Each Other As Corrupt Journalist Could Lose Job Over Offensive DECADE Old Tweets

TimcastNews - ENTIRE Democratic Staff In Nevada QUITS After Socialists Win Every Party Leadership Seat

Timcast - Corporate Media Hit By Layoffs As Trump Slump Means Democrats Have No Unifying Villain To Exploit

TimcastIRL - Chauvin Juror Fears Leftist Rioters Will Attack His House w_Cassandra Fairbanks

March 8, 2021

TimcastNews - Derek Chauvin Trial Starting NOW Mass Riots Expected As THOUSANDS Already Protest For George Floyd

TimcastNews - Democrat Blue Anon Theories May Be The BIGGEST Threat To American Democracy But Media PROTECTS IT

Timcast - Biden May ALREADY Be Transferring Presidency To Kamala Harris As Even Democrats Notice Outsized Role

TimcastIRL - Derek Chauvin Trial DELAYED As DA Wants Another Murder Charge w_Clifton Duncan

March 7, 2021