Videos from March 29 - April 4

April 4, 2020

TimcastNews - NYC Is Preparing For Civil unrest As Supplies Dwindle, Government Calls For Conscription Of Doctors

TimcastNews - The Pandemic Has EXPOSED Greta Thunberg`s Ignorance And Hypocrisy, States END Plastic Bag Bans

TimcastNews - Democrats DEMAND Illegal Immigrants Get Stimulus Cash, CNN Covers For Them

TimcastNews - Media Is LOSING The Narrative War Against Trump, Americans See Through The Fake News

TimcastNews - Ocasio Cortez SLAMMED For Chilling At Luxury Apartment While Her District Suffers

Timcast - Joe Rogan Says He`d Vote Trump Over Biden, Democrats Are INSANE To Think Biden Can Win

April 3, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump Just NUKED Democrats From Orbit With Hilarious Letter Smackdown

TimcastNews - Leftist Smear Merchants BUSTED, Fox news Host Hints At LAWSUIT Against Media Matters

TimcastNews - Venezuela RAMS Cruise Liner In Attempt To Seize It, Trump Deploys Navy

TimcastNews - People ARRESTED For Walking Around By Themselves, Wartime Authoritarianism IS HERE

TimcastNews - ANOTHER CNN Anchors Is Sick With COVID, Its Going To SLAM CNN`s NY Studio

Timcast - Democrats Attempt To Lie And Blame Trump BACKFIRES, Pelosi Basically ADMITS To Putting Lives At Risk

TimcastIRL - Venezuela OPENS FIRE On Cruise Liner, Trump Deploys Navy, WW3 BABY!!!

April 2, 2020

TimcastNews - Pentagon Orders 100,000 Body Bags As 6.6M File Unemployment, Trump Says Prepare For The Worst

TimcastNews - Social Justice Is Luxury Politics And Its Collapsing But We Should NEVER Tolerate Authoritarianism

TimcastNews - Celebrity Culture Is Collapsing, People Are SHREDDING Celebs Online Amid Pandemic

TimcastNews - The Democratic Convention Was postponed Because `Biden Is Missing`

TimcastNews - Guns Sales Hit MASSIVE Record, Post Office Falters, Unemployment Spikes, The End is Nigh

Timcast - Democrats Just Launched ANOTHER Investigation into Trump At The WORST Possible Time Ever

TimcastIRL - Strange Conspiracy Surrounds Duncan Lemp, A Man Killed by Police In His Sleep

April 1, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump Just Got Serious He Was Trying To Keep Hopes Up, Now Says Expect Thousands Dead, Weeks of Hell

TimcastNews - Facebook CENSORS Project Veritas For Legit Reporting On COVID, Leftists LIE To Get People Banned

TimcastNews - `My Pillow Guy` Slams CNN`s Jim Acosta As EVIL For Mocking Him As he tries To Help Make Masks

TimcastNews - Seattle Wants You To Call 911 If You Someone Calls You A Bad Word... This Is Real

TimcastNews - Adam Schiff To Launch Investigation Of COVID Response, These People Don`t Learn DO They

Timcast - Leaked Intel Report CONFIRMS China Is Lying About COVID Numbers, China Is Exploiting The Crisis

TimcastIRL - Snitch On Your Neighbor Breaking Quarantine Or The Chinese Drones Will Getcha!

March 31, 2020

TimcastNews - Leftists PANICKING, Demand Stop To Trump Pressers Because Trump Has Cut Through Media Lies

TimcastNews - NYC Announces Illegal Immigrants Will Get Access To Emergency medicaid, A Reckoning is coming

TimcastNews - Spanish President Faces CRIMINAL Complaint For Letting Feminists March Despite Coronavirus Warnings

TimcastNews - Chinese Biologist CAUGHT Transporting SARS Virus, Expert Fears It Could Be Bioterror related

TimcastNews - Media Is Getting A Bailout From The Government Too. Some Of This garbage Deserves To End

Timcast - Democrats Try To Call Out Trump But Just SELF OWN, They Basically Argue AGAINST Electing Democrats

TimcastIRL - Chinese Biologists CAUGHT Smuggling SARS And Flu Viruses Into US

March 30, 2020

TimcastNews - FDA Approves Trump Touted COVID Treatment, Media INSANE Orange Man Bad Lies Will Get Us Killed

TimcastNews - We WILL See Hard Authoritarian Rise In The US, Leftists FURIOUS Trump Won`t Use Federal Authority

TimcastNews - Virginia Issues Lockdown until JUNE, Maryland Issues INDEFINITE Lockdown

TimcastNews - Italy Braces For Food Riots Dispatches Police, Countries Are Hoarding Food

TimcastNews - Feminists IGNORED Warnings And Marched Anyway In Spain, Now One Of The WORST Hit Countries

Timcast - Democrats Fear CRUSHING Defeat To Trump Worse Than 2016 As Biden Polls WORSE Than Hillary Clinton

TimcastIRL - Iran, Russia, China Media Push COVID Bioweapon Theory, Is Disinfo An Act Of War

March 29, 2020

TimcastNews - National Guard Goes To Homes Hunting Down `Refugees` From NYC, Cuomo Calls It `Declaration of War`

TimcastNews - Social Order Is BREAKING Down in Italy, Police Being Deployed To Grocery Stores As Looting Erupts

TimcastNews - Progressive Media Outlet Goes On STRIKE So `Progressive` Owner Nukes The Website

TimcastNews - Not Even Biden`s Own Supporters Want Him, New Poll Shows Him WORSE Than Hillary Clinton

TimcastNews - Bill DeBlasio is To Blame The US Major Outbreak NOT Trump, But Still Mostly China

Timcast - China LIED In Order To Extract Critical Medical Supplies, Launches Propaganda Campaign To Exploit Us