Videos from March 22-28

March 28, 2020

TimcastNews - China Ships THOUSANDS Of Urns, They Are Clearly Lying About Coronavirus Numbers

TimcastNews - Leftist Media Is COLLAPSING And Panicking, Buzzfeed Says This Is A `Media Extinction Event`

TimcastNews - Riots Erupt In Wuhan Over Ongoing Lockdowns, Can We Expect This Here

TimcastNews - Tucker Carlson Insists Biden Will NOT Be The Nominee, Democratic Panic And Chaos Is Coming

TimcastNews - Trump Actually PRAISED Rachel Maddow. Maddow Then Figuratively Spits In His Face

Timcast - Trump May Quarantine Me In New Jersey, US Military Shelters In Nuclear Bunker, What do I do

March 27, 2020

TimcastNews - Ocasio Cortez OUTRAGED Demands Illegal Immigrants Get Access To Stimulus

TimcastNews - Trump DEMANDS Republican Be Booted From Party For Delaying Stimulus Bill By Demanding Recorded Vote

TimcastNews - China Sees Several Reinfections, If This Is Legit Then An Extended Lockdown is Pointless

TimcastNews - Rhode Island Sets Up Border Checkpoint To Stop People From new York, Here it Is, Internal US Borders

TimcastNews - The Pandemic Is Starting To Take Out Young People, 21 Year Old MOCKED Virus Then Coughed Up Blood

Timcast - Democrats PANIC As Trump Hits ANOTHER Polling Record And Biden Is Useless, Dems Riddled With Anxiety

March 26, 2020

TimcastNews - Senate UNANIMOUSLY Approves Emergency Stimulus, Democrats Will Vote Friday And Might Delay Vote

TimcastNews - Joe Biden Credibly Accused Of Assaulting Female Staff, MeToo Group REFUSES To Support Her

TimcastNews - Twitter REFUSES To Flag Democrat Smear AGAIN And MSNBC Is Lying About Trump, not surprising

TimcastNews - Harvard Says We Could Be LOCKDOWN For TWO YEARS. Trump Is Right, Thats Crazy

TimcastNews - Celebrity`s Ex-Wife OUTRAGED She Won`t Get $30,000 PER MONTH In Child Support

Timcast - Media In Full PANIC MODE As Trump`s Approval Shatters Record High, Media DEMANDS Trump Briefings END

TimcastIRL - New York`s Morgues Are About To Overflow With Corpses, Military Moving In

March 25, 2020

TimcastNews - Democrats Agree To Emergency Relief, $1200 Coming Your Way, House Democrats Could STILL Block It

TimcastNews - Dude Who LICKED Stuff At Wal Mart For Viral Video ARRESTED And Facing FIVE YEARS IN PRISON

TimcastNews - MSNBC Host SHOCKED That Trump Approval Going Up, Refuses To Accept Reality

TimcastNews - Trump Press Brief Ratings Break 12 MILLION And Media Wants To Shut Him Down Now

TimcastNews - Spring Break Dude Who Mocked Coronavirus Apologizes, This Is Actually Really Cool

Timcast - Democrats Just Obstructed The Emergency Relief AGAIN. Pelosi Flounders While Trump Approval Jumps

TimcastIRL - Hospitals Push Universal DO NOT RESUSCITATE Orders For Coronavirus Patients

March 24, 2020

TimcastNews - Democrats Just STABBED America In The Back Blocking Relief Bill TWICE With INSANE 1400 Page Counter

TimcastNews - Media Pushes INSANE Lie That Trump Encouraged People To Drink FISH Cleaner

TimcastNews - Democrats Literally BEG Joe Biden NOT TO DIE! THIS IS A REAL ARTICLE

TimcastNews - Airlines Are About To Shut Down Completely, This Is Bad, We NEED The Economy Running Again ASAP

TimcastNews - Greta Thunberg Says She Has Coronavirus Claims This PROVES Her Climate Policies Are Legit

Timcast - Democrats Sold Us Out By BLOCKING Relief Bill But Voters See Through The Lies And Support Trump

TimcastIRL - Celebrities Are Going INSANE Due To Social Isolation And Its Hilarious

March 23, 2020

TimcastNews - Democrats BLOCKED The Emergency Relief Bill And People Are FURIOUS

TimcastNews - College Spring Breakers Test POSITIVE After REFUSING Isolation Orders, Now WE Pay The Price

TimcastNews - California And Florida Beaches SLAMMED With Parties Defying Quarantine, Governments About Go HAM

TimcastNews - Journalist SHOCKED That 55 Percent Of People Support Trump But Twitter Is Still Screeching ORANGE MAN BAD

TimcastNews - We Are DANGEROUSLY Close To An Epic Depression, Maybe Trump Is Right About Restarting The Economy

Timcast - Democrats Will Get OBLITERATED In November Over Blocking Emergency Aid For Political Agenda

March 22, 2020

TimcastNews - US Creates Martial Law Plan For `Extraordinary Circumstance,` BigTech CENSORS Critical Analysis

TimcastNews - Socialists Get DUPED By Viral Video Which Was Actually Made By Guys behind `Bumfights`

TimcastNews - Woke Leftists PANIC Amid Fears Their College Lectures Lies Will LEAK Online Amid Quarantine

TimcastNews - Police ARREST Two People For Breaking Quarantine In New Jersey. Yikes...

TimcastNews - Democrats Are PANICKING Because The Pandemic Is HELPING Trump And Biden Is A No Show

Timcast - Trump`s Policies Have Been Vindicated And The Fake News Narrative Proven To Be LIES