Videos from March 15-21

March 21, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump Declares NY A DISASTER, Will Deploy Army, This Is Starting To Look Like A Worst Case Scenario

TimcastNews - French Border Guards Are Impounding Medical Supplies Meant For The UK

TimcastNews - Rachel Maddow Beclowns Herself, The `Orange Man Bad` Narrative Has FAILED, Americans Dont Buy It

TimcastNews - Video Shows Man GASP Then Collapse In NYC, Coronavirus Stories Emerge And Worry people

TimcastNews - DOJ Requests Power To INDEFINITELY DETAIN People Citing Emergency Concerns

Timcast - Democrats Are Freaking out Because Joe Biden Went Missing, Many Dems Are Starting To SUPPORT Trump!

March 20, 2020

TimcastNews - The ENTIRE State Of California Is Under LOCKDOWN, Pundit Calls For Martial Law

TimcastNews - They`ve Started Arresting People For Breaking Quarantine, Magazine Predicts TOTAL US Lockdown

TimcastNews - Military Vehicles Spotted In MASSIVE Numbers Being Shipped Into Cities

TimcastNews - Unemployment Claims Predicted To Hit TWO MILLION, The Worst In US History

TimcastNews - Ilhan Omar AGREES With Tucker Carlson Slamming Republican Who Dumped Stock Before Market Drop

Timcast - Trump Is WINNING Over Democrats Who Now Praise And Support His Response To The Coronavirus Pandemic

March 19, 2020

TimcastNews - Progressives SHOCKED That Trump Supports Their Aid Package Idea And Democrats Oppose Them

TimcastNews - Ilhan Omar Praises Trump`s `Incredible` Job Dealing With Pandemic, Progressives SLAM Democrats

TimcastNews - Trump Accuses US Media Of Siding With China To Their Faces

TimcastNews - People Have Started Rushing Banks On Panic, Some Branches Run Low On Cash

TimcastNews - New Forecast Says Trump Will LOSE IN November Amid Failing Economy, THIS IS WRONG

Timcast - This Is THE END of Immigration And Globalization As We Know It, Trump And The EU Shutter Borders

March 18, 2020

TimcastNews - Biden CRUSHED Bernie In Last Night`s Election, Bernie Might QUIT, Lawsuits Over Pandemic Are Likely

TimcastNews - The US-Canada Border Has Been CLOSED, Immigration Suspended And Asylum Courts Close

TimcastNews - MSNBC Analyst In Insane Rant Calls For ARRESTING Trump Over Pandemic Response

TimcastNews - The Pandemic Has Proven Conservatives Right About 2A And Border Protection

TimcastNews - Italy Sees Nearly 500 Dead In ONE DAY, NY Prepares For Total Lockdown

Timcast - Trump Has Invoked Wartime Powers To Protect America, Shockingly MSNBC And CNN Are PRAISING Trump

March 17, 2020

TimcastNews - Journalists SHOCKED Trump Called COVID19 `Chinese Virus,` But Even Spanish Flu Was Likely From China

TimcastNews - Coronavirus Lockdown Will Get Worse, Cuomo Says Peak Will be In 45 Days, This Could Go Over 3 Months

TimcastNews - Democrats And Republicans AGREE To Give Americans over $1,000 And Postpone Tax Deadline

TimcastNews - Several States Have RELEASED Prisoners Amid Coronavirus Outbreak And Refuse To Prosecute Some Crime

TimcastNews - Democratic Primaries Are In TOTAL CHAOS, Workers Dont Show Up, Voter Turnout Record LOW

Timcast - China Is EXPLOITING The Pandemic And Is Actively Making It Worse, Trump Warned Us And Was Right

March 16, 2020

TimcastNews - Viral Rumor Says Government Will HARD Quarantine Every American, THIS IS FAKE NEWS

TimcastNews - People Are Panic Buying GUNS And Ammo, NJ Institutes `Strongly Suggested` Curfew Statewide

TimcastNews - CNN SLAMMED For Fake News About Coronavirus Sparking Panic

TimcastNews - Joe Biden To Choose Woman or VP Because He Hasn`t Learned You CANT Win Over The Woke

TimcastNews - The Entire Democratic Primary May Get Pushed Back As Leftists Write Paranoid Ragebait About Trump

Timcast - Democrats Vow NO DEPORTATION Amid Global Border Closures And Coronavirus Pandemic

March 15, 2020

TimcastNews - NY Metro City Enforcing CURFEW, ALL Bars Shuttered, Entire Town Ordered To Quarantine Over COVID19

TimcastNews - Germany Is Closing Its Borders, Closing Non Essential Businesses, Italy Sees Spike In Younger Cases

TimcastNews - New Jersey Considering Statewide Curfew, Governments Are Preparing More Hard Quarantines

TimcastNews - Guy Who Price Gouged Hand Sanitizer Has Government Assist Donating All his Stuff

TimcastNews - Media Pushes Misleading Stats To Claim Republicans Aren`t Taking The Coronavirus seriously

Timcast - Media PANICS That Trump Will Cancel The Election Over Coronavirus In Unhinged Paranoid Ragebait