Videos from March 14-20

March 20, 2021

March 19, 2021

TimcastNews - Biden Calls Kamala President Harris Amid Chinese Peace Talks China SLAMS US As Weak And Crumbling

TimcastNews - Biden Is Desperately Trying To Cover Up The Migrant Crisis At The Border Media Feigns Outrage

Timcast - Biden Struggles Nearly Falls Down Stairs In Viral Video As China SLAMS Us As Weak And Fractured

TimcastIRL - China Exploits BLM Narrative To Attack US In Meetings w_Siraj Hashmi

March 18, 2021

TimcastNews - Auto Union That Endorsed Joe Biden SHOCKED That Ford Relocating To Mexico Trump Was Stopping Them

TimcastNews - CNN Ratings Collapse Goes From Bad To WORSE Networks Panicked Desperation is Becoming Sad

Timcast - Democrats Are Trying To Eject A Republican Congresswoman To INSTALL A Democrat In INSANE Power Grab

TimcastIRL - Putin Challenges Biden To LIVE Debate, But Biden Is Too Weak w_Kurt Schlichter

March 17, 2021

TimcastNews - Candace Owens ROASTS Cardi B Grammy Performance Threatens Legal Action After Cardi Posts Fake Tweet

TimcastNews - Media Scandal Getting INSANE, Georgia Official LIED And Tried Deleting Evidence Trump Story Was FAKE

Timcast - Chauvin Trial CORRUPTED By 27M Settlement To Floyd Family Jurors REMOVED After News Taints Trial

TimcastIRL - Residents Describe George Floyd Autonomous Zone As War Torn Hell w_Jack Murphy

March 16, 2021

TimcastNews - Scandal Erupts As Several Outlets CAUGHT Pushing Lie About Trump Democrat Impeached Using Fake News

TimcastNews - Grammy Ratings COLLAPSE To Record Low After Woke And Explicit Performances Get Woke Go Broke

Timcast - Democrats Reverse Trump Policy Banning Racial Segregation In Schools Biden Admin ALLOWS Segregation

TimcastIRL - Biden Flailing As Over 100k Migrants Spark Border CRISIS w_Col Allen West

March 15, 2021

TimcastNews - Grammys Push Pro BLM Pro Riot Narrative Performing Mock Riots And Blaming Police

TimcastNews - Media And Democrats Forced To Admit Republican Governor Desantis Was RIGHT To End COVID Lockdown

Timcast - Famous Comedian QUITS Democratic Party Disavows Cancel Culture From Progressives Slams Culture War

TimcastIRL - Grammys Push Pro BLM Riot Performance, Call For Accomplices w_RuckaRucka Ali

March 14, 2021