Videos from March 1-7

March 7, 2020

TimcastNews - London Mayor Wants Misogyny To be A Hate Crime, London Deserves This Guy

TimcastNews - Expert Warns Coronavirus `Most Frightening Disease` Ever Seen, Man TASED Fighting For Toilet Paper

TimcastNews - Young Turks Are Being EXPOSED As Total Hypocrites, Cenk Uygur Accused Of Union Busting

TimcastNews - JK Rowling Gets Permit For Security Gate Following Far Left Attacks Online

TimcastNews - Bill Maher MOCKS Feminist Who Got MSNBC Host Fired, Calls Her `Rosa Parks`

Timcast - Trump SHATTERS Historical Record AND GOP Voter Turnout, Democrats Don`t Stand A Chance In November

March 6, 2020

TimcastNews - This Is The Most EMBARRASSING Thing MSNBC Has Ever Done, Journalists MOCKED For Failing Basic Math

TimcastNews - NYT Runs Story Claiming Bernie Is ACTUALLY An Asset Of The Soviet Union, WITH PROOF!!

TimcastNews - Donald Trump Just Deployed MORE Troops To the Southern Border With Mexico

TimcastNews - Stores Are LOCKING Down Over Coronavirus Panic Buying, Armed Guard Protects Toilet Paper

TimcastNews - Trump FINALLY Filed A Lawsuit Against CNN Over Russia Smears

Timcast - Warren`s FAILURE Exposes Feminist Democrat Hypocrisy, Refuse To Accept Hillary And Warren Are Awful

March 5, 2020

TimcastNews - Democrat Senator Just Threatened Supreme Court Justices Demanding They Vote In Their Favor

TimcastNews - Soft Quarantine Just Hit America, Washington Asks 2.2 Million People To Stay Home, Schools Shut Down

TimcastNews - Bernie Supporters Crying That Super Tuesday Was RIGGED Instead Of Accepting Bernie Is Weak

TimcastNews - Several States Push Laws To BAN Trans People From Competing Against Girls

TimcastNews - INSANE Viral VIdeo Shows People Looting California Walgreens As new Law STOPS Police From Arresting

Timcast - Trump Just Launched The NUCLEAR Option Against Sanctuary Cities, Democrats Promise NO Deportations

March 4, 2020

TimcastNews - Progressives IMPLODE Over Bernie Losing, Cenk Uygur Nearly Cries When He Finds Out

TimcastNews - Coronavirus Deathrate CORRECTED, Almost DOUBLE At 3.4 Percent, Iran Releases 54,000 People To Stop Spread

TimcastNews - LA Declares State Of Emergency Over Coronavirus, Man In New York COLLAPSES On Sidewalk

TimcastNews - MSNBC Host SHOCKED When Latino Man Says His Daughter LOVES Trump And Is Voting For Him

TimcastNews - Ocasio Cortez Backed Progressives LOST, She`s Political Poison

Timcast - Far Left Democrats Got CRUSHED On Super Tuesday Across The Board, Now Crying Foul Over Bernie`s Loss

March 3, 2020

TimcastNews - MSNBC Host `Quits,` The Far Left Has Sacrificed MSNBC`s Chris Matthews At the Altar Of Wokeness

TimcastNews - Iran`s Government Is In CHAOS As Politicians Die Of Coronavirus, Has The Flu Ever Done This

TimcastNews - Hillary Clinton Hypocritically Mocks Bernie Over Delegates While Demanding End Of Electoral College

TimcastNews - CEO Pays ALL Employees 70k Per Year, But Is This Just another Scam On The Far left

TimcastNews - Study Shows Birth Control Makes Women Bad At Math And Bad At Problem Solving

Timcast - The Democratic Party Is CRUMBLING, Super Tuesday Is The Day We Witnessed The Democrats Collapse

March 2, 2020

TimcastNews - Biden Promises To RAISE Taxes At Campaign Rally, Democrats Praised For LYING About Trump Tax Cuts

TimcastNews - Florida Declares Emergency Over Coronavirus, New York Is Facing THOUSANDS Of Cases By Next Week

TimcastNews - FEMA Prepares For NATIONAL Emergency Over Coronavirus, More Die From Virus In Washington

TimcastNews - Trans Man Files Legal Action Against Government For Encouraging Gender Transition

TimcastNews - Leftist Media And Celebrities Are Now Promoting Emergency Preparation And Bug Out Kits

Timcast - Republicans FINALLY Plan To Subpoena Democrat Firm Over Biden Dealings, Journalists Push Fake News

March 1, 2020

TimcastNews - Democratic Voters Are In CHAOS And Panic Voting, Biden`s Win Last Night Proves There Is No Plan

TimcastNews - State Of Emergency Declared In Washington, Report Says China Covered Up The Outbreak In December

TimcastNews - Man ARRESTED For Insurance Fraud After Trying To Frame Trump Supporters For Attack

TimcastNews - Republican Mega Donor Buys Major Stake In twitter And Wants Jack Dorsey FIRED

TimcastNews - Facebook FINALLY Fact Checks Democrat LIES About Trump And Puts Block On Fake Article

Timcast - Several Elected Democrats Just QUIT The Democratic Party And Joined The Republican Party