Videos from June 7-13

June 13, 2020

TimcastNews - Antifa INDICTED And Now Faces LIFE In Prison, Far Leftists Are Building MORE `Autonomous Zones`

TimcastNews - Leftist Policy Is DESTROYING Cities, Truckers REFUSE Deliveries, Jobs Are Gone, Property Value Gone

TimcastNews - Right Wing Groups Rise Up Defying Far left Riots, Media Smears Them

TimcastNews - Social Justice Activism BACKFIRES, Influencers Don Black Face In Support Of BLM

TimcastNews - Lawsuit May Get Black Lives Matter Classified As A Religion

Timcast - Far Leftists Enact Racial Segregation At `The CHAZ` In Seattle, Right Wing Groups Rise Up Over Riots

June 12, 2020

TimcastNews - Woke Celebrities ROASTED For Pathetic Social Justice PSA, But Unfortunately Its Working For The Left

TimcastNews - Woke Outrage Comes For Starbucks, Why Are All These Leftist Companies Being `Exposed` As Racist

TimcastNews - African Council BOOED By Far left After Accusing Them Of Hijacking Black Lives Matter

TimcastNews - Dave Chappelle Special Warns Of Race Violence If We Don`t Solve Police Problem

TimcastNews - Private Security Hires SKYROCKET In Wake Of Riots, Businesses Take No Chances

Timcast - CNN Warns Of `Bloodshed` If Trump Follow Through With Retaking Antifastan Also Known As `The CHAZ`

TimcastIRL - Minneapolis Votes To ABOLISH Police, People Are FLEEING Cities In Droves

June 11, 2020

TimcastNews - Leftist Fanatics Pull Down Confederate Statue Onto Supporters Head Critically Injuring Them

TimcastNews - Tucker Carlson Loses Advertisers As Culture Revolution Escalates, Even Paw Patrol Is Not Safe3_Starbucks BANS Employees From Support Black Lives Matter, Wow

TimcastNews - Starbucks BANS Employees From Support Black Lives Matter, Wow

TimcastNews - Joe Biden TERRIFIED That Trump Will `Steal The Election` Because Its 2016 Again

TimcastNews - Journalists SHOCKED COVID Is Spiking, Its LIES They Supported The Protests

Timcast - Trump DEMANDS Democrats Reclaim The `CHAZ` Or As Some Call it `Antifastan` Otherwise He Will Take it

TimcastIRL - CPD Threatens To FIRE Cops Who Kneel, The CHAZ Chaos Continues And Its HILARIOUS

June 10, 2020

TimcastNews - HBO Bans Gone With The Wind, Streets Renamed, Books Banned, The Inquisition Is Escalating

TimcastNews - Police OUTRAGED, Say They Have Been Abandoned, Demoralization Is Here, Leftists SEIZE Entire Hotel

TimcastNews - Far Leftists Of Seattle `Free Zone` Issue Demands INcluding Abolishing The Courts AND Police

TimcastNews - Democrats Virtue Signal BACKFIRES, They Accidentally Wear Slave Trader Garments

TimcastNews - Social Justice Hits Science As Leftist Decry Inherent Racism Of STEM

Timcast - Far Leftists Have `Liberated` Part Of Seattle They Call The CHAZ, Looks Like Occupy Wall Street 2.0

TimcastIRL - The Far Left Seattle Occupation `CHAZ` Has Gone INSANE, Demand We Abolish COURTS

June 9, 2020

TimcastNews - Woke Mob Comes For Tucker Carlson For Criticizing BLM, News Orgs PURGE Staff in Culture Revolution

TimcastNews - Police Are SURRENDERING, Fort Worth Drops ALL CHARGES Against Rioters, Morality Policing Is Here

TimcastNews - San Francisco Residents PANIC, Realtors SHOCKED At Massive Exodus As SF Collapses

TimcastNews - Leaked Phone Call Exposes CHAOS In Chicago As Riots Causes 2nd Deadliest Day

TimcastNews - Woman FIRED For Criticizing Black Lives Matter Online, Welcome To The Inquisition

Timcast - Seattle Police SURRENDER East Precinct To Armed Far Leftists, 7 Block Radius Declared `Free Zone`

TimcastIRL - Anti Trump Professor Warns We ARE In Civil War, Leftist `Seize` Seattle Police Precinct

June 8, 2020

TimcastNews - Protester Gets Shot After Punching Man Driving, Minneapolis Announces They WILL Disband Police

TimcastNews - Shootings And Murder DOUBLE In NYC During Protests, The Left Is Advocating For `The Purge`

TimcastNews - Ocasio Cortez Reelection In Trouble As Trump Mega Donors Donate To Her Main Rival

TimcastNews - Overcharging Cops In Floyd Case May FAIL And Result In More Riots

TimcastNews - Racetrack Pretends Declares Event A `Protest` To Defy Lockdown Orders

Timcast - Democrats Have Just Bent The Knee To A Fringe Leftist Ideology As Progressives Vow To Abolish Police

TimcastIRL - Antifa Anti Cop Guy Suspect In Cop Killing, May Be Connected To Oakland Execution

June 7, 2020

TimcastNews - NYC Announces Immunity For Black Lives Matter Protesters Who Get Arrested, Churches Still Restricted

TimcastNews - TDS Sufferer Tom Arnold Seemingly Calls For ARMED Insurrection Using `Dad`s Hunting Rifle`

TimcastNews - Police Chief Surrenders, White People Wash Black Lives Matter Activists Feet

TimcastNews - JK Rowling SNAPS, Posts Thread Against Woke SJW Nonsense Triggering SJWs

TimcastNews - Armed Citizen Patrols Are Forming In Minneapolis As Police Collapse

Timcast - Democrats Call To `Abolish The Police` Is Massively Unpopular And Freaking People Out