Videos from June 6-12

June 12, 2021

June 11, 2021

TimcastNews - CNN`s Brian Stelter ROASTED By C-Span Callers, Say He`s Minister Of Misinformation To HIS FACE

TimcastNews - Fox News Guest Says AOC And Childless Women Have The Minds Of Children, Millennials ARENT Growing Up

Timcast - Desantis Scores MAJOR Victory For Conservatives, FL BANS Critical Race Theory Sparking Woke Outrage

TimcastIRL - Political Catholicism vs Cultural Marxism w_Sohrab Amari and Seamus

June 10, 2021

TimcastNews - Democrats In Denial After New IG Report PROVES Media LIED About Trump Clearing Protest For Photo-Op

TimcastNews - New Research Article Says `Whiteness` Is A Parasitic Affliction That Must Be `Cured,` CRT Is INSANE

Timcast - Biden Inflation Crisis Gets WORSE, Prices May Predict MAJOR Market Crash As Democrats KEEP Spending

TimcastIRL - Biden Inflation Crisis Sparks Panic as CPI Signals Market Crash Coming w_Lee Smith

June 9, 2021

TimcastNews - Hypocrite BLM Protester Caught Yelling Asian Slurs, CRT Is Racist And They Are Indoctrinating Kids

TimcastNews - The Great Reset Is Happening NOW, Elites Are Buying Up Houses OVER COST So YOU Can`t Own Anything

Timcast - Democrats Mandating Vaccine Segregation Is Splitting The Country In Half, GOP Bans Vaccine Passports

TimcastIRL - Creepy Firms Push Great Reset, Houses Bought OVER Cost w_Posobiec and FreedomToons

June 8, 2021

TimcastNews - Dozens Of Congressional Offices Hit By Ransomware Attack, Panic ERUPTS After Massive Internet Outage

TimcastNews - Biden Calls Women `Birthing People,` SCOTUS Effectively UPHOLDS All Male Draft As Nation Fractures

Timcast - NYT Staff On MSNBC Denounces American Flags As Disturbing, Democrats Don`t Share Reality With GOP

TimcastIRL - Tim Pool And Elijah Schaffer Discuss The Andy Ngo Incident And Jan 6th

June 7, 2021

TimcastNews - Conservatives Raise over $100k For AOC Grandmother, AOC Gets GoFundMe SHUT DOWN, We Can Do BETTER

TimcastNews - Amazon Driver Beats Elderly Woman After She Refused To Check Her White Privilege, Complained

Timcast - The US Now Prepping For WAR With China, Dispatching Air Force Across Pacific, Taiwan Faces Invasion

TimcastIRL - Guatemalans Protest Kamala Harris Saying `Go Home, Trump Won` w_FreedomToons

June 6, 2021