Videos from June 28 - July 4

July 4, 2020

TimcastNews - Leftists Struck by Car On Highway They Blocked, One Is Critical, Trump Announces He`s FIGHTING BACK

TimcastNews - Black Community Leaders FURIOUS At Far left And Antifa Over Faux Revolution, But Far left RUNS BLM

TimcastNews - Colin Kaepernick SLAMS 4th Of July, He`s Wrong And I`ll Prove It

TimcastNews - Trump Announces EPIC `Garden Of Heroes` As a Big F You To Antifa

TimcastNews - Antifa Tries Blaming Crime On `Black men` To Protect Her White Friends

Timcast - Democrats And Media ATTACK 4th of July Proving Trump Right, They Hate Our History And Country

July 3, 2020

TimcastNews - Far left Tries Taking Back CHAZ, Riots In Portland As Marshals Arrest Antifa, Is It Civil War Yet

TimcastNews - CNN Publishes Story Proving Trump RIGHT About COVID Treatment, Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Lethal

TimcastNews - Tucker Carlson FLoated As 2024 Presidential Candidate. GOP Thinks He`d Win

TimcastNews - Redskins CAVE And Discuss Changing Name, NFL Will play Black national Anthem

TimcastNews - NYC Is Dying, Crime Skyrockets, People Fleeing, Far left Takes Over Streets

Timcast - Democrats Release Detailed Plan Of How Trump Will CHEAT, No One Will Believe The Election Results

TimcastIRL - CNN Calls Mount Rushmore Monument Of Slave Owners. Far Left Blocks Trump Event

July 2, 2020

TimcastNews - People Are Going INSANE, Woman Draws Gun On Family As Political Tension Reaches The Tipping Point

TimcastNews - Woke Leftist CRIES After Shes Fired Over Offensive Video, Blames Trump Supporters For HER Threats

TimcastNews - Epstein Confidant Ghislaine Maxwell ARRESTED, Insane Conspiracies Pop Up Immediately

TimcastNews - Hundreds Of Far Leftists Released Without Charge By Jussie Smollett`s Friend Kim Foxx

TimcastNews - Zuckerberg Tells Far Left Boycott To Pound Sand, Says Boycott Will BACKFIRE

Timcast - Feds ARREST Antifa `Ringleader,` Trump Deploys Unit To Protect Statues On July 4th From Far Left

TimcastIRL - White Woman Draws Gun On Black Family, Gets Arrested For Felony Assault

July 1, 2020

TimcastNews - Seattle Just PURGED The CHAZ After Chazistani Police Kill Underage Black Male, Truly Stupid Times

TimcastNews - Police Arrest BLM Leftist For Attempted Murder In Provo, Stupid People Cheer For Acceleration

TimcastNews - Leftists Demand They DEFECT From Democrats Giving Trump Clear Path To Historic Victory

TimcastNews - Columbus REMOVES Statue Of Columbus For Being Offensive. Will They Change Their Name Now

TimcastNews - Seattle Resident Says He Was Held `Hostage` By CHAZ Antifa, Gun Sales Spike 145 Percent

Timcast - Regular People RISE UP To Resist Far left Surge, This Could Backfire On Democrats And Help Trump

TimcastIRL - CHAZ Has Been PURGED But New York Launches CHAZ 2.0 And Cops Stand Down

June 30, 2020

TimcastNews - Seattle Mayor OUTRAGED That CHAZ People Showed Up To Her Home, STL Couple Face Criminal Charges

TimcastNews - Father Of CHAZ Victim Demands National Guard Clear Out CHAZ, Far left Creates New NYC CHAZ

TimcastNews - CHAZ is In TOTAL CHAOS, Locals Call it War Zone, Mayor DEMANDS Expulsion Of Politician

TimcastNews - Far Leftist Just Shot A Driver For No Reason At Defund Police Rally, It`s Getting Insane

TimcastNews - Media Now Claiming Black Lives Matter Protest SLOWED Covid, HOW

Timcast - Democrats Have Crossed The Line SMEARING The 4th Of July And Mt. Rushmore, Panic Then Delete Tweet

TimcastIRL - Liberal Says They`re Voting For Trump. Video Goes Viral But Gets Deleted

June 29, 2020

TimcastNews - Seattle`s CHAZ hit With 5th Shooting In A Week, Armed Couple Defend Property as 500 BLM Trespass

TimcastNews - Armed St Louis Couple Speak Out, Far Left DESTROYED Gate To Private Property, Threatened Their Lives

TimcastNews - Reddit CEO Is LYING About Banning The Donald Subreddit, New Rules Allows Anti Women Posts

TimcastNews - Armed St Louis Couple Issue Statement IN SUPPORT OF The BLM Protesters Who Tresspassed

TimcastNews - Boogaloo Becomes Hot Marketing For Gun And Ammo Companies As People Fear Civil War

Timcast - Trump`s Account Suspended As Wave Of Censorship Sweeps Across Internet Banning Pro-Trump Voices

TimcastIRL - Far Left Rioters Charged With Terror In OKC, Prosecutor Says `This Is NOT Seattle`

June 28, 2020

TimcastNews - Man Opens Fire On BLM Protest Hitting 2 People, One Didn`t Make it. DOJ Arrests Antifa

TimcastNews - Seattle`s CHAZ Leftists REFUSE To Leave, Andy Ngo Will Testify On Antifa Before Congress

TimcastNews - The Ultimate Get Woke Go Broke, NIKE Loses $790M And Social Ads IMPLODE

TimcastNews - I Called It, Voice Actors QUIT Because They Voiced Non-White Characters

TimcastNews - Protests ERUPT Over Weird Theory About Trafficking, Rioters Burn Down House

Timcast - Democratic City SLAMMED By Mail in Voter Fraud Charges, Experts Scared This Proves Trump RIGHT