Videos from June 14-20

June 20, 2020

TimcastNews - Shooting Erupts In CHAZ, One Rumored DEAD, Shooter At Large, Leftist In ATL Also Shot (UPDATED)

TimcastNews - Far Left DESTROYS Ulysses S Grant Now. Fanatics Are Even Targeting Slave Statues, Its NOT About BLM

TimcastNews - Leftists Are Trying To Cancel Joe Rogan Over 10 Year Old Joke, Never Going To Happen!

TimcastNews - Armed Men Are Taking To Rooftops To Defend Statues, Cops Arrest Armed Man On Roof

TimcastNews - The UN Comes Out In Support Of ANTIFA. No Surprise Here

Timcast - Seattle`s CHAZ In CHAOS After Shootings Leave One Dead Another Critical, Anti-Cop Experiment FAILED

June 19, 2020

TimcastNews - CNN`s Jim Acosta SHOCKED After Seeing Himself In Trump Meme, He Thinks Its REAL

TimcastNews - NYPD Is Planning A MASSIVE `Blue Flu` Strike On July 4th, It May Be A Rumor But This Would be NUTS

TimcastNews - CNN Literally BUILDS A WALL Around Its HQ In Fear Of Rioters On Juneteenth

TimcastNews - Tulsa Declares Civil Emergency Over Trump Rally And Protest Fears

TimcastNews - Leftist Professor Gets CANCELED For Refusing To Say Name `Phuc Bui`

Timcast - Leftists DESTROY Washington Statue, Democrats Want Jefferson Removed In NYC, History Is Being Erased

TimcastIRL - Far Left CANCELS George Washingon, Democrats Call To REMOVE Jefferson

June 18, 2020

TimcastNews - Atlanta Cops CALL OUT In MASSIVE `Blue Flu,` Mayor Panics Begging For Help But Other Depts Say NO

TimcastNews - FBI Caught Antifa Rioter, Faces EIGHTY Years in Prison, DA Drops Charges Against Statue Defender

TimcastNews - Cops Accuse Atlanta DA Of Trying To STAGE Riots By Overcharging Cop

TimcastNews - Media Gets Trump Facebook Ads Banned Over Use Of Red Triangle Symbol

TimcastNews - Taco Bell Caves To Far left, Uncle Ben And Aunt Jemima Are OUT, Everything Is STUPID

Timcast - Professor Warns CIVIL WAR May Be Next Step Of Civil Unrest As Cops Quit While Antifa Escalates

TimcastIRL - Facebook BANS Trump Ads Because Media Demanded It, This Story Is WEIRD

June 17, 2020

TimcastNews - Google Is PANICKING After Banning Conservative News Site BACKFIRES, GOP Lines Up Anti Trust Action

TimcastNews - Schools Will REMOVE Jefferson And Washington Names, American History Being ERASED

TimcastNews - Cops CAUGHT 2nd Far left Arsonist, Offer $10k For Info on Atlanta Far leftist

TimcastNews - Rayshard Was On Probation And Feared Prison, Thats Why He Attacked Cops And Ran

TimcastNews - CNN`s Acosta ROASTED Over Fake COVID Concerns, McEnany`s Epic Mic Drop Moment

Timcast - Far left Rioting BACKFIRES As Armed Counter Groups Strike Back, Regular Americans Have Said ENOUGH

TimcastIRL - Rumors That Atlanta Cops REFUSE To Answer Calls As Cop Charged With MURDER

June 16, 2020

TimcastNews - Far Leftist Gets SHOT After Beating Right Wing Man Who Tried Defending A Statue From Being Torn Down

TimcastNews - Unhinged Leftist Calls For Conservatives To be Rehabilitated And Removed From Influential Positions

TimcastNews - NBC News Lobbied Google To BAN Conservative News Outlet AND THEY DID (UPDATED)

TimcastNews - Police Call Tucker Carlson LIAR Over Segment On Riots But Tucker Was RIGHT

TimcastNews - There are TWO Different Black lives Matter Groups And Now They Are Fighting

Timcast - Police Morale TANKING, Officers Find RAZOR In Food, NYPD Report Bleach Like Substance In Shakes

TimcastIRL - Dude SHOOTS Far Leftist In Self Defense, Media Blames HIM

June 15, 2020

TimcastNews - NYPD Keeps Rearresting Convicts Released Over COVID Then FREES Them, Meanwhile Mass Protests IGNORED

TimcastNews - SCOTUS Issues MAJOR Ruling In A Huge Victory For LGBTQ People, But The Ruling Might BACKFIRE

TimcastNews - CNN Host Brian Stelter EXPLODES After Being Called A Fake News Activist

TimcastNews - ESPN Ratings Hit RECORD LOWS After They Go Full Woke, Get Woke Go Broke!

TimcastNews - Armed Men Have Begun Guarding Statues Around The US, In Philly They Aren`t Messing Around

Timcast - Far Leftists Tear Down Thomas Jefferson, Trump Was Right And This Attack On America Will Reelect Him

TimcastIRL - US Cell Carries Knocked Out, Is This A Cyber Attack CHAZ Is Getting Real

June 14, 2020

TimcastNews - Rioters RAZE Wendy`s Where Police Killed Rayshard Brooks, This NOT So Clear Cut, Brooks FOUGHT Cops

TimcastNews - Liberal Journalist Says The Left Has Gone INSANE, Protesters Keep Demanding MORE And Won`t Stop

TimcastNews - Cuomo Threatens Businesses For Breaking COVID Rules While THOUSANDS March For BLM

TimcastNews - Rumors Swarm That Antifa Will Destroy The Alamo, Texas Says TRY IT

TimcastNews - CNN Gets Attacked By Rioters AGAIN, Seems Their Pandering Didn`t Work

Timcast - Cops Have Started RESIGNING En Masse Across The Country, Crime In The CHAZ SHOCKS Naive Leftists