Videos from July 19-25

July 25, 2020

TimcastNews - Video Allegedly Shows Antifa Stab A Conservative, 18 Charged In Portland Riots, Today Will be WORSE

TimcastNews - Black Trump Supporter Killed Following Fight Over His Trump 2020 Sign, Supporters Call Him Martyr

TimcastNews - Supreme Court Rules AGAINST Churches, Conservatives OUtraged As John Roberts Joins Left

TimcastNews - Joe Rogan Leaving LA Because Cities Are Broken And Dying, Mass Exodus Is Underway

TimcastNews - WNBA Literally WALK OUT On National Anthem, MLB Boycott Ignites Over Kneeling Controversy

Timcast - Media Lies About Trump And Portland Just Proved Trump Right, That They Are The `Enemy Of The People`

July 24, 2020

TimcastNews - Riots BACKFIRE On Democrats, Trump Approval Skyrockets As He Rags On Democrat Who JOINED Rioting

TimcastNews - CNN`s Cuomo And Lemon Mock Trump Over Acuity Test But Then SCREW Up, Our News Media Is VERY Dumb

TimcastNews - A and E Pulls BIGGEST Get Woke Go Broke Losing 300 MILLION For Canceling `Live PD`

TimcastNews - Journalists Accidentally Prove Mail in Voting Is BROKEN, November Will be CHAOS

TimcastNews - Pentagon Consultant Says `Off World Vehicles` Not From Earth Exist, Internet EXPLODES

Timcast - CHAZ Riots Reignite, 150 People Loot Seattle Businesses As Trump Threatens MAJOR Tactical Deployment

TimcastIRL - Democrats LOSE Case Against Feds, Judge Says Trump Can Keep Operating In Portland

July 23, 2020

TimcastNews - Democratic Mayor Literally Joined The Riots And Supported Extremists Proving Trump is Right

TimcastNews - Trump`s Secret New DHS Operation EXPOSED, Democrats Have Fallen Right Into His TRAP With Riots

TimcastNews - White People No Longer Support Black Lives Matter As Riots Cause MASSIVE Spike In Anger

TimcastNews - Philly DA DOUBLES Down Threatening to ARREST Federal Law Enforcement Officers

TimcastNews - China Accused Of Harboring Fugitive IN SF Consulate As US-China Relations BREAK

Timcast - Democrat Charged In Voter Fraud Scandal Proving Trump Right, Mail In Voting Is A Disaster

TimcastIRL - Trump Deploys Feds Into Seattle, Politicians SHOCKED Leftists Vandalized Their Homes

July 22, 2020

TimcastNews - Leftist BEATS Journalist Into Submission In Riots, Journalist Then Falsely Blames Feds For Attacks

TimcastNews - Police FINALLY Purged The `NY Chaz` Defund The Police Protest, McCloskeys PROVE Its Not About Reform

TimcastNews - Starbucks Dude ARRESTED For Spitting in Cops Coffee, Far left DOX More Cops

TimcastNews - Leftist Politicians SHOCKED That Far left Vandalized Their Homes

TimcastNews - Photo Of BLM Supporter KNEELING on Baby`s Neck Goes Viral, Cops Launch Investigation

Timcast - Chinese Consulate CAUGHT Frantically Burning Documents Amid Spying Charges, US-China Cold War Is Now

TimcastIRL - Trump Announces National SURGE Of Federal Law Enforcement, Operation Legend Is Go

July 21, 2020

TimcastNews - Tucker Carlson Warns NYT Is Going To Dox Him To hurt His Family, he Is Right And I Have The Receipts

TimcastNews - Far Left Insurgents BREACH Federal Courthouse And Attack Feds, Portland IS In Civil War

TimcastNews - Trump Signs Executive Order REMOVING Illegal Immigrants From Census Counting

TimcastNews - Red Bull Fires Woke Execs And ENDS Woke Marketing, No Woke No Broke!

TimcastNews - Ted Cruz SLAMS Mark Cuban For Not Calling Out China over Hong Kong

Timcast - Civil War 2.0 Is Upon Us, Far Left Breaches Federal Court, Democrats REJECT Federal Jurisdiction

TimcastIRL - Fort Sumter 2.0, States REJECT Federal Authority, Welcome To The Second Civil War

July 20, 2020

TimcastNews - Democrats Walked Right Into Trump`s Trap, They DEMANDED He Stop Enforcing Law And Now OWN The Riots

TimcastNews - Judge In Epstein Case`s Son Shot Through The Heart By Assassin Dressed As Fedex Driver

TimcastNews - Liberals DEFECT To Join Trump MAGA Train, Leftists REFUSE To Believe It

TimcastNews - Biden Is TOO FAR LEFT But Not Too Far left Enough, Leftists REJECT His Pandering

TimcastNews - Democrat Tells Republican To Burn In Hell And Die After He Out Raises Their Campaign

Timcast - Police SLAM Democrats For Supporting Leftist Riots, Trump Announces MORE DHS Agent Deployment

TimcastIRL - Assassin Executes Epstein Judge`s Son, Escapes, Is Found DEAD

July 19, 2020

TimcastNews - Antifa Leftists TORCH Portland Police Union In Night 52 of Riots, Media Blames Trump And Police

TimcastNews - Hero Emerges Among Trump Supporters, Bevelyn Beatty Splashes PAINT On BLM Murals CHEERING For Police

TimcastNews - Kentucky Couple Put On HOUSE ARREST For Catching COVID, Given Ankle Bracelets By Cops

TimcastNews - Missouri Governor Says He Will Pardon Armed St. Louis Couple If They Get Charged

TimcastNews - Trump Is Trying To End The Afghan War, He Is Right And We MUST Support This

Timcast - New York City Is COLLAPSING And Democrat Policy Is Killing People, Fauci Calls It Model of Success