Videos from July 11-17

July 17, 2021

July 16, 2021

TimcastNews - AOC Joins BLM In DEFENDING Cuban Communist Regime, Democrat Infighting Erupts Over Supporting Cuba

TimcastNews - NFL Will Play Black National Anthem BEFORE US Anthem, AMERICA Is Getting Woke And Going Broke

Timcast - Democrats ADMIT To Big Tech Collusion To Censor Americans, Establishment PANICS Over `Freedom Phone`

TimcastIRL - Biden Admin Calls For Extreme Censorship Cross Platform w_Forrest Cooper

July 15, 2021

TimcastNews - BLM Issues Statement Of Support For Cuban Communist Dictatorship, Blames US For Communist FAILURE

TimcastNews - DESPERATE Far Left Just Published Unhinged And Unconfirmed Report That Russia Has Kompromat On Trump

Timcast - Poll Shows Over 35 Percent Support Secession, Biden Pushing Civil War As More People Call For Balkanization

TimcastIRL - Over 35 Percent Of U.S. Want To Secede, Balkanize The USA w_Actual Justice Warrior

July 14, 2021

TimcastNews - George Floyd Memorial DESTROYED By Lightning Strike On A Sunny Day, People Say God Is MAD At BLM

TimcastNews - RIOTS Erupt Over France`s New Vaccine Passport Policy, Tear Gas Deployed, Vax Passes ARE Coming Here

Timcast - Cuban Communist Regime In PANIC, Open Fire On Peaceful Protesters, Democrats REJECT Cuban Refugees

TimcastIRL - Communists OPEN FIRE On Peaceful Protest In Cuba w_Jack Posobiec

July 13, 2021

TimcastNews - Texas Governor Announces They WILL ARREST Democrats Who Illegally Blocked Vote By Fleeing State

TimcastNews - Democrats And Biden Call On Companies To CENSOR Your Private Text Messages, Democrats Have LOST IT

Timcast - Navy Unprepared For War As Diversity Training Supersedes War Training Causing US SURRENDER To Iran

TimcastIRL - Texas Votes To ARREST Democrats Who Illegally Blocked Voter Rights w_Olivia Rondeau

July 12, 2021

TimcastNews - Miami Mayor Calls For US Intervention In Cuba As THOUSANDS Protest Against Communist Dictatorship

TimcastNews - Donald Trump Stages MASSIVE CPAC Comeback, Youtube DELETES Trump Speech About Censorship, ITS AFRAID

Timcast - South Africa COLLAPSING, Armed Citizens SHOOTING Rioters As Army Deployed To Quell `Civil War`

TimcastIRL - Democrats Flee Texas To Illegally Stop Voter Protection Law Passing w_LtCol Allen West

July 11, 2021