Videos from January 9-15

January 15, 2022

January 14, 2022

TimcastNews - Joe Rogan Myocarditis Debate TRIGGERS Leftist Media, They`re FURIOUS That Joe Discussed Vaccine Risk

TimcastNews - Feminism and Low Testosterone Are Destroying Civilization, Men Are Losing Testosterone And Are Weak

Timcast - US Says Russia Planning FALSE FLAG The Justify Ukrainian Invasion, Meanwhile China Build MORE NUKES

TimcastIRL - Bank TERMINATES MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell`s Bank Accounts w_Darren Beattie

January 13, 2022

TimcastNews - Nearly 300 Doctors DEMAND Spotify Stop Joe Rogan For Hosting Dr. Robert Malone, Want Him BANNED

TimcastNews - Biden BEGS Big Tech To CENSOR Dissent, CNN Ratings COLLAPSE And Only 31 Percent Trust Fauci

Timcast - Biden DOJ Files SEDITION Charges Against OathKeepers, Leader Stewart Rhodes Arrested With 10 Others

TimcastIRL - SCOTUS Strikes Down Vax Mandate, Biden Tells States IGNORE SCOTUS w_Matt Kibbe

January 12, 2022

TimcastNews - Biden SLAMMED Over Failed Economy And Supply Chain As Inflations Hits INSANE 7 Percent And Stores Run EMPTY

TimcastNews - Leftists Says CDC Is FAT SHAMING, Fat Woman CRIES and Gets TRIGGERED Because MRI`s Aren`t Big Enough

Timcast - Army Plans `Civil War Rehearsal` As Culture War Worsens, Democrats Say GOP FORGED Election Documents

TimcastIRL - CNN Lost NINETY PERCENT Of Its Key Audience, Narrative COLLAPSES w_Batya Ungar-Sargon

January 11, 2022

TimcastNews - New Release From Project Veritas Proves Fauci LIED To Congress, DARPA Report Claims Lab Leak IS TRUE

TimcastNews - Fauci MEMES HIMSELF Holding Up `Fire Fauci` Graphic, Corporate Press Calls For MOCKING COVID Dead

Timcast - Democrats PANIC As Party Collapses, 26 Dems To Retire, Voters QUITTING Democratic Party In DROVES

TimcastIRL - Fauci Caught LYING AGAIN, Rand Paul ROASTS Fauci After Veritas Leaks w_Chris Pavlovski

January 10, 2022

TimcastNews - AOC Positive For COVID After Partying In Miami, CDC Director Says Vaccine Cant Prevent Transmission

TimcastNews - INSANE Fact Check Claims CNN Did NOT Make Joe Rogan Look Sick, Says Mass Formation Psychosis Is FAKE

Timcast - Police Arrest `Antifa` With Explosive At Right Wing Rally, Corporate Press Pushes 2nd U.S. Civil War

TimcastIRL - AOC Gets COVID After Partying Maskless In Miami, SLAMMED For Hypocrisy w_Mike Rowe

January 9, 2022