Videos from January 5-11

January 11, 2020

TimcastNews - Iran ADMITS To Shooting Down Commercial Plane, Leftists STILL Blame Trump!

TimcastNews - James Younger 2.0. Court Rules Father CANNOT Stop Daughter From Trans Gender Treatment

TimcastNews - CNN Just paid The LARGEST Fine For Labor Violations in HISTORY At $76 Million Dollars

TimcastNews - Women Now Outnumber men In The Workforce and men Are Taking Traditionally Female Jobs

TimcastNews - Gwyneth Paltrow Is Selling A Candle That Smells Like Her Junk Because Stupid People Buy This Crap

Timcast - Republican Matt Gaetz SLAMMED For Voting With Democrats On Iran Resolution

Timcast - Ocasio Cortez Launches Ad Blitz As Democrats Wage War To REMOVE Her From Congress

January 10, 2020

TimcastNews - Iran BULLDOZED The Crash Site, COVERING UP That They Shot Down That Plane With A Guided Missile

TimcastNews - Leaked Emails PROVE Boeing KNEW The 737 MAX Was Dangerous, They Admit To Covering it Up

TimcastNews - Chick Fil A CEO Says He REGRETS Bending The Knee To Woke Leftists, Apologizing FAILED Anyway

TimcastNews - Anti-Trump NPC Actually Admits They`re `Stupid` Because Their Only Argument Is Orange Man Bad

Timcast - New Data Shows America Is Becoming MORE Conservative, Voters Less Likely To Identify As Liberal

Timcast - Ocasio Cortez Just BACKSTABBED The Democratic Party And They`re Furious, Fueling Calls To REMOVE AOC

January 9, 2020

TimcastNews - Iran SHOT DOWN Ukraine Airlines Flight Probably By Mistake, US Intelligence Sources Say

TimcastNews - College Humor Collapsed, Blame Google Blame Facebook But Cringe Millennial Complaining Is Boring

TimcastNews - Far left Thinks A Deep State CIA Agent Infiltrated The Democratic Party

TimcastNews - Tucker Carlson Literally Saved The World TWICE Now, Convincing Trump NO WAR

Timcast - Jussie Smollett FINALLY About To Face Justice, Corrupt Prosecutor Lawyers Up As Ship Sinks

Timcast - New Indicators PROVE Democrats Lying About Economy, Points To Trump 2020 Landslide

January 8, 2020

TimcastNews - Everyone Thinks Iran Shot Down That Ukrainian Airplane, Accidental Crash Seems Very Unlikely

TimcastNews - Someone Is Sending Fake Army Texts Telling People They Have Been Drafted Into World War Three

TimcastNews - Far Left DEMANDS High Speed Rail And Now Protest High Speed Rail For Destroying Environment, yup

TimcastNews - Minimum Wage SPIKES After New Year And Already People Are Complaining Of Higher Prices

Timcast - Covington Student WINS Defamation Battle With CNN, Legal Team Announces MORE LAWSUITS Coming!

Timcast - Leftist Celebrity Seeks Nigerian Citizenship To Flee Donald Trump`s Policies Amid Iran Tensions

January 7, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump Goes To War For Democrat Defector, This May Be The Most IMPORTANT Political Battle Of 2020

TimcastNews - New Progressive Law In California Is BACKFIRING Miserably, Truckers FLEE The State

TimcastNews - Leftists Are Spreading FAKE NEWS About Australia Sparking Climate Change Hysteria

TimcastNews - Trump Is Deporting Mexicans To GUATEMALA! Sending Them THOUSANDS Of Miles From The US

Timcast - Ricky Gervais BACKLASH Exposes The Media`s Leftist Bias, They`re Calling Him Right Wing

Timcast - Democratic Candidate Wants To Export California`s Failed Leftist Policies Onto America

January 6, 2020

TimcastNews - HILARIOUS Fighting Game Has You Playing Andrew Yang Fighting Democrats And Trump To Win 2020

TimcastNews - Liberal Elites Trying Poo Pooing Ricky Gervais Saying NO ONE Cares, But He`s The Number 1 Trend

TimcastNews - Man Who Does NOT Like Trump Ends Up DEFENDING Trump Sign And Refuses To Back Down

TimcastNews - Aliens DEFINITELY Exist And May Be Here On Earth Says British Astronaut... What!

Timcast - Ricky Gervais NUKED Hollywood Liberal Elites From Orbit And They Are NOT Happy About It

Timcast - Ocasio Cortez Just Explained EXACTLY Why The Democratic Party Is Over, Slams Biden And The Democrats

January 5, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump Just Accidentally Ended The Iraq War, Iraq Votes For Us Military To LEAVE

TimcastNews - Andrew Yang REJECTED From Ohio Ballot For `Not Following Law`

TimcastNews - Michael Moore BEGS Iran For Forgiveness In Shameless Virtue Signal

TimcastNews - Greta Thunberg SCOLDS Australian Politicians Over Fires, But 87 Percent Are MAN MADE

Timcast - Leftist Outrage And Cancel Culture Are Basically Over, Ricky Gervais Unfazed After Cancel Campaign

Timcast - White Working Class Voters Are On The Decline, This Means Trump LOSES In 2020 But Trump Has An Ace