Videos from January 17-23

January 23, 2021

January 22, 2021

TimcastNews - National Guard Forced To Sleep In Parking Garage After Defending Capitol Dems And GOP Are Furious

TimcastNews - Cancel Culture BACKFIRING On Left Journalists FIRED And Antifa Banned Now That Dems Dont Need Them

Timcast - Republican Officially Files IMPEACHMENT Against Biden For Corruption Related To Hunter In Ukraine

TimcastIRL - Someone SABOTAGED Our Gorilla Shirt To FRAME US, It's War

January 21, 2021

TimcastNews - Antifa Riots ERUPT And Smash Democrat Headquarters 4200 People Die From COVID And Biden Is PARTYING

TimcastNews - Trust In Media Hits RECORD LOW Most People Now Think Journalists Are LYING To Push Ideology

Timcast - Democrats Call For FBI Probe Of Parler Censorship Of Conservatives Reaching CRIMINAL Level

TimcastIRL - Twitter NUKES Antifa FINALLY After They Smash Democrat HQ w_Matt Braynard

January 20, 2021

TimcastNews - Trump Departed The White House Its Over Biden To Be Sworn In And Trump FAILED To Pardon Assange

Timcast - Trump Floats New Patriot Party Angering Republicans And Suggesting The Trump Era Is NOT Over

TimcastIRL - Leftists Already Drawing Biden As Jesus, Media Is Nuts w_Jack Murphy

January 19, 2021

TimcastNews - Trump To Pardon 100 People But NOT Assange Tucker Intervenes And Says Trump MUST Pardon Assange NOW

TimcastNews - Someone Painted Pepe The Frog Over Bernies Face And Police Are Saying Its a Hate Crime

Timcast - Democrat Says National Guard Is Suspect For Being White Men DC REMOVES Guards Fearing Inside Attack

TimcastIRL - National Guard Failing Loyalty Tests, Get PULLED From DC Duty w_Steve Rene

January 18, 2021

TimcastNews - FBI To Vet ALL 25000 National Guard Over Fear Of INSIDE ATTACK On Biden Inauguration

TimcastNews - CNN OUTRAGED That We Get Better Ratings Then Them DEMANDS Youtube Purge Conservative Voices

Timcast - Germany To Send COVID Quarantine Breakers To Detainment Camps Hundreds ARRESTED In Lockdown Riots

TimcastIRL - NJ STEALS 173k Dollars From Gym After Defying COVID Lockdown, Gym Owner Joins

January 17, 2021