Videos from January 16-22

January 22, 2022

January 21, 2022

TimcastNews - Trump ROASTS Biden For Saying Midterm May Be Illegitimate, Biden Presser A DISASTER For Democrats

TimcastNews - College Swimming Scandal ESCALATES, Trans Swimmer Accused Of Conspiring To LOSE To Trick People

Timcast - Colbert Calls For Abolishing The Senate, Democrats Push INSANE Authoritarianism As U.S. Falls Apart

TimcastIRL - Now 1,000 Experts Demand Joe Rogan be Censored, Gettr CEO Audio Leaks w_Christian Toto

January 20, 2022

TimcastNews - Democrats Voter Suppression Bill Is DONE, Dems Lose And Biden Cries About It, Freedom Is WINNING

TimcastNews - UK Officially Ends ALL COVID Restrictions And Vaccine Passport, Vaxxed Are LIVID Feeling Betrayed

Timcast - Biden Claims Midterm Will Be Illegitimate Due To LOSING Vote Bill, Panicked White House BACKTRACKS

TimcastIRL - NYC Arrests CHILD Over Vax Passport, UK ENDS Passports w_Gab CEO Andrew Torba

January 19, 2022

TimcastNews - TimcastIRL SWATTED AGAIN Last Night, Strange Man Broke Onto Our Property, We Are Pressing Charges

TimcastNews - Airlines Cancel Flights Over 5G Rollout, Green New Deal Or Great Reset, Airlines Are COLLAPSING

Timcast - The Anti Joe Rogan Doctor Letter Was A HOAX To Smear Joe And Get Him Banned, Gen Z MORE Conservative

TimcastIRL - Calls For Biden REMOVAL Over Mental Failing After INSANE Presser w_Jason Miller

January 18, 2022

TimcastNews - Biden Vaccine Mandate WINNING Despite SCOTUS Striking It Down, Dems CHEER As Companies REJECT SCOTUS

TimcastNews - Hawaii Now Requires Vaccine Booster To Enter, CA Proposes DOUBLING Taxes, The U.S. Is Falling Apart

Timcast - Truckers Stage MASSIVE Protest Blocking U.S. Border Defying Vaccine Mandates, Shortages Get WORSE

TimcastIRL - Anti Trumper Who Attacked Mar-A-Lago NOT GUILTY By Reason of Insanity w_Carey Wedler

January 17, 2022

TimcastNews - Poll Shows Democrats Favor ARREST, Internment Camps For Unvaccinated And Those Who Question Vaccine

TimcastNews - Ethan Klein Vs Jordan Peterson Escalates, Real Reason H3 Got Woke Is Fear Of Censorship NOT Politics

Timcast - Desperate Dems Push Hillary 2024 As Democrat Voters QUIT Join GOP And Now Republicans Outnumber Dems

TimcastIRL - James O`Keefe, Andy Ngo, And Libby Emmons Join Discussing The State of Journalism

January 16, 2022