Videos from January 12-18

January 18, 2020

TimcastNews - Supreme Court Ruling Could Bring THE END Of The Electoral College By June

TimcastNews - Leftist `Journalist` Calls The Police On Target Employee Over Toothbrush, Conservatives SHRED Him Up

TimcastNews - Leftists Mock Space Force Uniform For Being Camo Because They Are Idiots Who Think We Fight In Space

TimcastNews - Apu Is Basically OVER After Leftist Outrage Causes Voice Actor To Quit The Role

TimcastNews - Project Veritas Got WAY MORE Engagement On Their Bernie Story Than MSM But Still They Don`t Cover It

Timcast - Bernie BLAMES Trump Even As Democrats And CNN Rig Primary Against Him, Sanders Is Not Strong Enough

January 17, 2020

TimcastNews - A NEW Migrant Caravan Is Marching To The US And Leftists Already Push Insane Theories About Why

TimcastNews - Antifa Plans To SUPPORT Conservatives In Defense Of 2A Rights At Richmond Virginia Rally

TimcastNews - HBO`s Watchmen Got Woke Went Broke, Shows Canceled After Creator QUITS

TimcastNews - Climate Change Kids Have LOST Their Lawsuit Against The US, Greta Thunberg Scolds Davos

TimcastNews - Trump Basically hired Epstein`s Legal Team And The Left Is OUTRAGED, Yea Trump Guna Win

Timcast - Democrats in FULL Panic Mode Over Trump`s Rising Support From Black Voters

January 16, 2020

TimcastNews - CNN Publishes HOT MIC Of Bernie Fighting With Warren On Stage, Leftists Think CNN Staged It As Smear

TimcastNews - Trump Supporter FIRED After Leftist Target Her Work With Bad Reviews For Posting `MAGA 2020`

TimcastNews - Seems Like Federal Law Enforcement may be Investigating Ilhan Omar

TimcastNews - Ocasio Cortez`s Allies Hypocritically Run Dark money Group While She Decries Dark money

TimcastNews - CNN SLAMMED For Claiming They `Obtained` Their OWN Audio, Pretending To Leak Bernie`s Conversation

Timcast - Even CNN SLAMS Democrats Over Insane `Pen Stunt,` Pelosi Is Treating Impeachment Like A Game

January 15, 2020

TimcastNews - CNN`s Democratic Debate Was An Unmitigated DISASTER, Even CNN Now Thinks Trump Will Win Reelection

TimcastNews - Kathy Griffin Says She`s BEGGING For Work After Trump Scandal, Netflix Hired her What About Roseanne

TimcastNews - Feminists Are About To Win A MAJOR Victory In Virginia With `ERA` But This Could BACKFIRE BAD

TimcastNews - West Virginia Proposes Annexing Virginia Counties To PROTECT 2A Rights

TimcastNews - University Offers CASH For Social Justice Snitches To Rat out Bigots

Timcast - Bernie And Warren Are IMPLODING Amid Dual Scandals, Sanders Staff PANICKING After Veritas Expose

January 14, 2020

TimcastNews - Leftists Pretend To Be OUTRAGED At Vince Vaughn For Greeting Trump, They`re LYING And Heres Proof

TimcastNews - Conservative Nurse SLAMMED By Leftists For Daring To Say `Wait Till Marriage`

TimcastNews - Stephen King Wins Award For FASTEST Knee Bending To Woke Leftists After Woke OUTRAGE

TimcastNews - MSNBC Host Accuses CNN Of Being PRO TRUMP, Brags About Being Biased

TimcastNews - Media In Full on PANIC MODE After `Russia` Hacks Burisma And Leaks Could Prove Trump Right On Biden

Timcast - Project Veritas Expose Could Be THE END For Bernie Sanders, Video Shows INSANE Far Left Rhetoric

January 13, 2020

TimcastNews - Nancy Pelosi Is Fake News Trends After She Dismisses Iran Protests While Iran Is SHOOTING Its People

TimcastNews - Cory Booker, AKA Spartacus, DROPS OUT, I know no one cares but I made a video anyway

TimcastNews - Doctor Who Gets Woke Goes Broke, Hits Abysmal 7 Percent RT Score, Fans FURIOUS

TimcastNews - Woke Outrage Media Campaign Against Joker FAILED, Movie Nets 11 Oscar Nominations

TimcastNews - Leftist Celebrity Cancels Plan To move To Nigeria, `Deadass` Wants To Run For Congress Now

Timcast - Nancy Pelosi`s Impeachment Stunt BACKFIRED Horribly On Democrats, It`s Even WORSE Than We Thought

January 12, 2020

TimcastNews - Fat Feminists Are Causing Climate Change, This Is NOT A Joke. The Far left Is Destroying The Planet

TimcastNews - `Democratic Socialist` Countries OUTRAGED Over New EU minimum Wage Law, Leftists REFUSE Minimum Wage

TimcastNews - Star Trek Picard Is A Response To `Brexit And Trump` Sounds Like It Will get Woke Go Broke

TimcastNews - Iranian Protesters REFUSE To Disrespect American Flag While American Leftists Blame Trump

TimcastNews - Greta Thunberg`s New Demand Will KILL MILLIONS Of Poor People, She`s Dangerously Naive

Timcast - Ricky Gervais Jumps To Rank Number 1 After EPIC SLAM Of Faux Woke Hollywood Leftists