Videos from January 10-16

January 16, 2021

January 15, 2021

TimcastNews - CNN SLAMMED After Far Leftist Capitol Rioter Hosted As if Hes A Journalist 20k Troops Called To DC

TimcastNews - Active Duty National Guard ARRESTED For Storming Capitol 20k Armed Troops In DC Has People Worried

Timcast - Democrats Are Worried Republicans In Congress Might Kill Them AOC Says She Narrowly Escaped Death

TimcastIRL - MyPillow Guy Told Trump To Declare MARTIAL LAW! w_Jason Rantz

January 14, 2021

TimcastNews - Republican Vows To IMPEACH Biden DAY ONE After Trump Impeached In Historically Pointless Second Time

TimcastNews - Facebook Has RESTRICTED My Page Effectively Shutting it Down The Purge Is Real And Will Get WORSE

Timcast - China Thinks America Is COLLAPSING A New Poll Shows Most Americans AGREE As Trump Impeached Again

TimcastIRL - Far Leftist CHARGED For Participation in Capitol Riot w_Jorge Ventura

January 13, 2021

TimcastNews - Parler CEO SLAMS Ocasio Cortez As Evil After Calls To Censor App Flees Home After Leftist Threats

TimcastNews - GOP Rep Boebert Sets Off Metal Detector REFUSES To Comply With Police Lefitsts DEMAND Her Arrest

Timcast - Trump Calls For NO VIOLENCE And A Peaceful Transition Ahead of Feared Armed Protests At Inauguration

TimcastIRL - Trump Has Been Impeached AGAIN, National Guard Brief On MAJOR Threat w_Allum Bokhari

January 12, 2021

TimcastNews - Former Official Says Trump Put Us On Brink Of Civil War They REFUSE To Recognize Their OWN Fault

TimcastNews - Attempts To Censor Conservatives FAILED Deplatforming Failed The Underground Network Is Growing

Timcast - Democrats Move To EXPEL Republicans From Congress As GOP Begs For Unity AOC And Bush Say NO

TimcastIRL - McConnell And GOP Considering CONVICTING Trump And Removing Him w_Dave Smith

January 11, 2021

TimcastNews - Parler Is Gone And My NEVER Recover Every Vendor Bailed On Them Leftist Monoculture Taking Over

TimcastNews - Capitol Police Were DENIED Backup SIX TIMES Police Slammed For Opening Doors For Trump Supporters

Timcast - Democrats Introduce Impeachment For Inciting Insurrection Give Pence Ultimatum To REMOVE Trump

January 10, 2021

TimcastNews - Amazon Says Its TERMINATING Parler Social Platform Will be GONE By Tonight As Purge Accelerates

TimcastNews - New Poll Says 71 Of Trump Supporters Feel Civil War is Coming 40 Of Biden Voters Say The Same