Videos from January 1-8

Jauary 8, 2022

January 7, 2022

TimcastNews - UPDATE On TimcastIRL Getting SWATTED, Everyone Is Ok, We Got Lucky, We WILL Catch Who Did This

TimcastNews - New Study CONFIRMS COVID Vaccine Affecting Women`s Menstrual Cycles, CDC Says NOT To Worry

Timcast - Democrats Plan DIRTY TRICKS To Disqualify Trump And Marjorie Taylor Greene Because They CANT WIN

TimcastIRL - Liberal Supreme Court Justice SLAMMED For Lying About Kids With COVID w_Chris Karr

January 6, 2022

TimcastNews - Tucker Carlson ROASTS Ted Cruz For Calling Jan 6th Terror, Trump is RIGHT Not To Address Media Lies

TimcastNews - Whoopi Goldberg SHOCKED By Positive COVID Test Despite Being TRIPLE Vaxxed, `Doing Everything Right`

Timcast - Unvaccinated ARE Being Arrested, Australia Imprisons Novak Djokovic, Bars Unvaxxed From Leaving Home

TimcastIRL - Kamala Harris Compares Jan 6th To Pearl Harbor And 911 w_Brandon Tatum

January 5, 2022

TimcastIRL - Marjorie Taylor Greene Joins Discussing Getting Censored And 2022

January 4, 2022

TimcastNews - Man SETS HIMSELF ON FIRE Protesting Lockdowns, Riot DESTROYS UK Test Site, The System Is COLLAPSING

TimcastNews - Corporate Media PANICS Over Joe Rogan Malone Podcast, Liberal Journalist QUITS Over INSANE Wokeness

Timcast - Biden Failing SO BAD Americans Now Prefer Trump`s `Military Coup` and `Insurrection` Over Democrats

TimcastIRL - DOJ Deployed `Kill Commandos` Jan 6th DISPROVING Insurrection Narrative w_Posobiec

January 3, 2022

TimcastNews - Joe Rogan Leads EXODUS Off Twitter To GETTR After Banning Of Dr. Robert Malone And Censorship

TimcastNews - Patton Oswalt APOLOGIZES For Photo With Dave Chapelle, Cable Channel SHUTDOWN, Get Woke Go Broke

Timcast - Ocasio Cortez SLAMMED For Partying Maskless in Florida Despite Criticizing Ron DeSantis COVID Policy

TimcastIRL - Joe Rogan Leads EXODUS From Twitter To GETTR After Dr. Malone BANNED w_Zaid Jilani

January 2, 2022

January 1, 2022