Videos from January 1-4

January 4, 2020

TimcastNews - This Is Seriously The WORST CRINGE From Buzzfeed, The Video Didn`t Even Get Any Views

TimcastNews - Buzzfeed Readers Are Weirdly Racist, Writes Weird White Leftist Supremacy Article

TimcastNews - Andy Ngo Event On Antifa Violence CANCELED Due To Threat of Antifa Violence

TimcastNews - Leftists ACTUALLY Argue Trump Works For Russia But Is Starting World War Three With Them

Timcast - People Are PANICKING Over Fear Of World War Three Sparking A Military Draft

Timcast - Democrat HOAXED By Russian Pranksters Into Believing INSANE Story About Trump And Greta Thunberg

January 3, 2020

TimcastNews - High Taxes And Failed Leftist Laws Are Causing Blue States To COLLAPSE

TimcastNews - Celebrities FREAK OUT Over Iran, Rose McGowan BEGS Iran For Forgiveness In INSANE Virtue Signal

TimcastNews - Photos Of US Embassy In Baghdad Are BRUTAL, This Was NOT A Protest

TimcastNews - Trump Admin Escalates `Remain In Mexico` Making It MUCH Hard For Migrants To Get Into The US

Timcast - No Trump DID NOT Just Start World War Three, WW3 and Franz Ferdinand Trending Over Fear Of World War

Timcast - Republican Announces Resolution To END Impeachment, Shut Down Pelosi`s Obstruction Strategy

January 2, 2020

TimcastNews - Far Leftists SMASHED Up Philly Restaurant Because Of Rumor That Proud Boys Were There... MONTHS AGO

TimcastNews - Ocasio Cortez Could LOSE Her Congressional Seat After The Census, Democratic Groups Want To OUST AOC

TimcastNews - Conservatives CHEER Trump Nixing 100 Environmental Regulations, Democrats Seem To Not Care

TimcastNews - Democrats MASSIVELY Out Raise Trump But Not Individually, Will Bust Voters Spike 2020 For Democrats

Timcast - Political Groups Exploit Children Like Greta Thunberg And David Hogg Then Discard Them

Timcast - Democratic States And Cities Are COLLAPSING, Census Predicts Major Republican GAINS

January 1, 2020

TimcastNews - DHS Orders Review Of Laws Allowing Licenses For Illegal Immigrants, Leftists Push Double Standard

TimcastNews - Amazing `Straight Rights` Victory Allows `Mixed Gender` Couple Right To Civil Partnership

TimcastNews - The NEW Star Wars Fanbase Is INSANE, Sends Threats To JJ Abrams And Harasses Staff

TimcastNews - Viral Tweet Shows How Leftists Completely FAIL To Understand Healthcare And Medicine Costs

Timcast - Welcome To 2020, The Political Game is RIGGED Against You And Here Is The Proof

Timcast - Media EXPLOITS Trump For Ratings Crying `Orange Man Bad,` NYT Claims 2019 WORST Year For Journalism