Videos from February 9-15

February 15, 2020

TimcastNews - Media Lies To Defend Ultra Woke Ad Claims Scandinavia Has NO CULTURE, Company Restores The Ad

TimcastNews - Bloomberg Is Considering HILLARY CLINTON As His VP According To Drudge Report

TimcastNews - Democrat Launches Guillotine Symbol For Her US Senate Run, These People Are INSANE

TimcastNews - Far Left Protesters Protesting Pete Buttigieg SLAMMED By Other Far left, Cue Two Spidermans Meme

TimcastNews - Trump`s `Whisper Network` Of Secret Voters Growing Due To Far left Censorship

Timcast - Donald Trump Is WINNING His Fight With `The Swamp` And Putting DC Elites In Full On Panic Mode

February 14, 2020

TimcastNews - Antifa Communist SLAPS 15 Year Old Across The Face After He Votes Democrat, Trump Jr Tweets Support

TimcastNews - Samantha Bee Calls PrageU `Dangerous` Because Her Show Is Pure Uninspired Generic TRASH

TimcastNews - Russian Pranksters Claim They Tricked Bernie Sanders Into a `KGB Communist Agent Activation`

TimcastNews - Three Democrats Hit With Ethics Complaints Over Potentially MILLIONS In Illegal Contributions

TimcastNews - Border Patrol Deploys Elite Tactical Agents To Sanctuary Cities In MAJOR Escalation of Enforcement

Timcast - Ocasio Cortez BACKFIRES On Bernie`s Campaign As Her Views `Go Too Far,` Sanders Staff Furious

February 13, 2020

TimcastNews - Bernie Supporter Just Tried To BURN DOWN A Republican HQ In California

TimcastNews - Female Athletes SUING To Block Trans Women From Competing In Sports

TimcastNews - Military Preps For FULL BLOWN Coronavirus Pandemic As Experts Warn Senate Thousands In US Infected

TimcastNews - Youtube Censorship Has Become Nightmarish, US Senators Rand Paul Has Floor Speech PURGED

TimcastNews - Democrats Move One Step Closer To REMOVING The Electoral College

Timcast - Democrats Fear Historical 2020 DEFEAT, Trump Could Win 520 Electoral Votes In MASSIVE Landslide

February 12, 2020

TimcastNews - Jussie Smollett INDICTED AGAIN But Media IGNORES The Story About Trump Voters Targeted In Florida

TimcastNews - Democratic Primaries In CHAOS, Contested Convention MORE Likely As Trump Gets Record Support

TimcastNews - Van Jones Says Democrats Are Depressed As Primaries Devolve Into Chaos Early on

TimcastNews - Survey Shows Leftists Are More Likely To Have Mental Illnesses, Far Left Being The WORST

TimcastNews - NYT Gives Glowing Profile To Carlos Maza`s Youtube Channel, I Predicted This Media Props Up Leftists

Timcast - Democrats Already Planning SECOND Trump Impeachment As Pelosi DEMANDS New Investigation into Trump

February 11, 2020

TimcastNews - Ricky Gervais KICKS Woke Actors When They Are Down, Oscars LOWEST Ratings EVER, Celebrity Is Over

TimcastNews - Coronavirus Could Infect SIXTY PERCENT Of The World Population Expert Warns, This Is Getting SERIOUS

TimcastNews - Ocasio Cortez Heading Towards LOSING Reelection As New Democrat Seeks To `Primary` Her To Unseat Her

TimcastNews - Democrats Are Excising Pro Lifers From the Party, This Means 14 Percent Of ENTIRE Party Could Flip To Trump

TimcastNews - Trump Passively Intervenes In Roger Stone Sentencing, DOJ Will DROP The 9 Year Sentence

Timcast - Famous Democrat Predicts Democrats `End Of Days,` Says Bernie Sanders Far left Is A Cult

February 10, 2020

TimcastNews - Joe Biden Calls Woman `Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier,` Trump Is LAUGHING At This Incoherent Field

TimcastNews - Coronavirus Getting Worse AGAIN, Incubation Could Be 24 Days, Infected Could Be TEN TIMES Highers

TimcastNews - Democrats Have Begun The Call For A SECOND Impeachment Of Trump Because They Don`t Learn

TimcastNews - Trump Has Begun the PURGE Of Obama-Era Holdovers, Democrats Already Freaking Out

TimcastNews - Women REFUSE To Date Trump Supporters, But Ideology Collapses As Soon As They Can`t Get A Date

Timcast - Trump`s `Dream Scenario` Unfolds With RECORD Approval Rating And Democrats In Complete Chaos

TimcastIRL - Democrat FURIOUS Over Democratic Party Failures QUITS, Explains Why He Did

February 9, 2020

TimcastNews - Man PLOWS Van Into Republican Voter Tent In Florida, Civil War 2 Closer To Becoming Reality

TimcastNews - Democrats BOO Each Other At Major New Hampshire Event, `Vote Blue No Matter Who` Is A Joke

TimcastNews - Far Left FURIOUS As Feminists Defect To join Conservatives Over Trans Issues

TimcastNews - Unhinged Leftists GLOAT Over Jordan Peterson`s Illness

TimcastNews - Birds Of Prey Flopping BAD, Apparently No one Wanted A `Feminist Film` Starring Harley Quinn

Timcast - Tearing Trump`s Speech BACKFIRES On Democrats As Pelosi DEMANDS Social media Delete Trump`s Video