Videos from February 20-26

February 26, 2022

February 25, 2022

TimcastNews - Video Goes Viral Of Alex Jones Predicting Ukraine War In OCTOBER Proving Why They Censored Him

TimcastNews - INSANE Poll Shows Democrats Think Defending Ukraine Border MORE IMPORTANT Than Our Own

Timcast - Russia Just Threatened WAR Against Sweden And Finland, Russia Prepares To DRAFT Medical Personnel

TimcastIRL - Russia Threatens Military Action Against Sweden And Finland w_Nick Freitas

February 24, 2022

TimcastNews - Putin Accused of Threatening NUCLEAR STRIKE As Russia Launches FULL SCALE Invasion Of Ukraine

TimcastNews - Cenk Uygur Posts INSANE Tweet Saying The Right Likes Putin Cuz Hes WHITE And Tucker Proves Him Right

Timcast - Biden Admin Plans DIRECT Attack On Russian Infrastructure, Banning Them From SWIFT May Trigger WW3

TimcastIRL - US Plans DIRECT ATTACKS On Russian Infrastructure Could Mean WW3 w_Ian Smith

February 23, 2022

TimcastNews - US Trucker Convoy ALREADY Raised $300k, National Guard WILL Deploy As Democrats PANIC Over Protest

TimcastNews - CBS SLAMMED For Blaming Inflation On Ukraine, Media Tries COVERING UP For Biden And Democrat Failure

Timcast - Biden REISSUES Trump Sanctions On Russia As War Escalates, China Backs Russia For Help Taking Taiwan

TimcastIRL - Trudeau ENDS Emergency Order Over Freedom Convoy As US Convoy Begins w_Jorge Ventura

February 22, 2022

TimcastNews - Homeowner Who Ended Life of Antifa Extremist In Shoot Out Identified As Furry Antifa Spreads LIES

TimcastNews - Kyle Rittenhouse Announces Lawsuits Against Cenk Uyghur, Whoopi Golderberg, And News Outlets Coming

Timcast - National Guard To Deploy Over US Freedom Truckers, Democrats SUPPORT Trudeau BRUTAL Purge Of Protest

TimcastIRL - National Guard To Deploy In DC Over US Freedom Convoy w_Steve Rene

February 21, 2022

TimcastNews - Antifa LOSES LIFE In Shoot Out With Local Homeowner In Portland Antifa Strips Evidence And Flees

TimcastNews - LEAKED Texts Show Cops MOCKING Injured Freedom Truckers Canada Vows To Make War Powers PERMAMNENT

Timcast - Fears Of World War Three Escalate As EXPLOSIONS Rock Ukraine, Russia Formally Backs Separatists

TimcastIRL - Russia Orders INVASION Of Ukraine Sparking WW3 Fears w_Larry Sharpe

February 20, 2022