Videos from February 2-8

February 8, 2020

TimcastNews - ANOTHER Democratic Debate Disaster As Democrats Lie About Economy, They Have NOTHING To Campaign On

TimcastNews - China Has Begun MASS ARRESTS Of People Suspected Of Coronavirus As 86 People Die In ONE DAY

TimcastNews - MSNBC Warns Of `Executions In Central Park` If Socialism Wins, Questions Bernie`s Socialism

TimcastNews - This Is EXACTLY Why Democrats Lose, they Are So Obsessed With Trivial NONSENSE

TimcastNews - Rashida Tlaib Says She Was TRIGGERED By Trump`s Speech, LITERALLY SHAKING, And Had To Walk out

Timcast - Trump`s Acquittal Counter Offensive Has Pushed Democrats PANIC To The Limit, They Are About To Break

February 7, 2020

TimcastNews - Democrats Getting SLAMMED For Using Minorities As Objects, Staffers Are QUITTING Warren`s Campaign

TimcastNews - Vindman is OUT, Apparently A Boss FIRING A Bad Employee Is Revenge Now

TimcastNews - Amber Heard BRAGS That NO ONE Will Believe Johnny Depp, Feminists STILL Defend False Accuser

TimcastNews - Pelosi Confronted By Outraged Democrats In Congress For Tearing Trump`s Speech

TimcastNews - Democrats Just LOST Their Emoluments Lawsuit Against Trump In Unanimous Ruling

Timcast - Democratic Party Is COLLAPSING, Chaos Erupts As Voters Quit, Turnout TANKS, And DNC CHEATS Bernie

February 6, 2020

TimcastNews - Republican Pushes CRIMINAL Charges Against Pelosi For Tearing Trump`s Speech, Files Ethics Complaint

TimcastNews - Democrats Already Blaming Trump Supporters For The Iowa Caucus DISASTER

TimcastNews - Now They`re Trying To Blame 4CHAN For The Iowa Caucus Chaos! Oh Please

TimcastNews - Democrats DEMAND A Recount In Iowa Because Bernie Started Winning, Ha, They Are So Cheating

TimcastNews - Bookstore Got TOO WOKE Causing A Wokeception Where Woke Activists Demanded LESS Wokeness! WAT

Timcast - Democrats PANIC As Republicans Launch Formal Investigations Into Biden, Announce MORE To Come

February 5, 2020

TimcastNews - Pelosi ROYALLY Messed Up By Tearing Trump`s Speech, Oblivious Leftists Cheer As It All Burns Down

TimcastNews - James O`Keefe SUSPENDED From Twitter, Youtube Also Suppressed My Coverage Of Veritas` Expose

TimcastNews - Trump Economy Polling HIGHER Than Reagan, But The TV Isn`t Telling You The Truth

TimcastNews - The Iowa Caucus Shows Us The Complete Democrat Hypocrisy Over The Electoral College

TimcastNews - Elizabeth Warren CAUGHT Exiting Private Plane, Climate Change Hypocrisy In Full Display

Timcast - Democrats QUITTING And Vow NEVER To Vote Democrat Again After Pelosi Tears Up Trump`s SOTU Speech

February 4, 2020

TimcastNews - Iowa Caucus Is A COMPLETE DISASTER, The Democratic Party Is In Shambles, Thats It I`m Totally Done

TimcastNews - Trump Just KICKED CNN Out Of The SOTU Lunch, Outraged Democrat DEMANDS Boycott

TimcastNews - Democrats Had Chance To Save Iowa Caucus But Said No! They Are WORSE Than Incompetent

TimcastNews - Free Speech Debate Ignites In France After Young Woman SLAMS Islam As `Religion Of Hate`

TimcastNews - Petition To FIRE Amber Heard For Abusing Johnny Depp Breaks 139,000

Timcast - Democrats Voter Turnout In Iowa FLOPPED Paving Way For Trump 2020 Landslide Amid RECORD Approval

February 3, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump Is Right, Democrats Are LOSING To Far Left, Reddit Pushing INSANE Ideas From AOC Is Proof

TimcastNews - Coronavirus Is WORSE And Getting Worse, HIGHER Mortality Than The Flu, Experts Warn Of Pandemic

TimcastNews - Republicans Announce They WILL Call Whistleblower To Testify, launch Investigations Into Democrats

TimcastNews - Democrats PANICKING So Bad They Tapped John Kerry. Voters Vow NOT To Support Democrats

TimcastNews - Leftists Warn The Woke NOT To Date Outside Their Tribe, Panic Sets In As People ABANDON Wokeness

Timcast - Warren Staff EXPOSED Slamming Her Far left Wokeness, Veritas Reveals Dissent Among Warren Campaign

February 2, 2020

TimcastNews - Antifa Actually PROTESTED A Trash Cleanup! Trump Supporters Protested By Far Left For CLEANING

TimcastNews - TERROR IN LONDON, Police Take Out Crazed Man In South London, Breaking NOW

TimcastNews - Bill Maher `Tries Not to Cry` Over End Of Democracy, But NOT Over Democrats Cheating In Primaries

TimcastNews - Feminists Overreacted Accusing Johnny Depp, We Not Know HE Was The Victim

TimcastNews - I`m no Fan of ZeroHedge But Their BAN is A SERIOUS threat To Press Freedoms

Timcast - Democrats PANIC As Democrat Voters Vow To Vote Trump, The `Never Bernie` Movement Taking Over