Videos from February 16-22

February 22, 2020

TimcastNews - Entitled Far Leftist Just Got OBLITERATED In Court By Sargon of Akkad, Now He`s On The Offense

TimcastNews - The Young Turks Hypocritically REFUSE To Recognize Their Employee`s Union, As If This Is Surprising

TimcastNews - Coronavirus Quarantine Is BROKEN, Trump Is FURIOUS, This Just Keeps Getting Worse

TimcastNews - Couple With TDS Tried To Run Trump Supporters Off The Road And FAKE Hate Incident To Frame Them

TimcastNews - Trump has Bolstered His Support With Latinos, Here Is What It Would Take For ME To Vote Trump

Timcast - Latest UNHINGED Smears Against Trump And Bernie PROVE Just How Insane Democrats Have Gone

February 21, 2020

TimcastNews - Americans Are TIRED Of Democrats, Want New Leadership While Trump Enjoys RECORD High Approval

TimcastNews - ICE Tells Sanctuary Laws To Shove It Makes Two Arrests In California Leaving Democrats FURIOUS

TimcastNews - Trump`s Approval Among Black Voters Has DOUBLED Basically Guaranteeing Him A 2020 Landslide Victory

TimcastNews - Social Justice In Colleges Directly Correlates With A Majority Female Student Body

TimcastNews - Woke Feminists OUTRAGED That Man On A Date Wasn`t Chivalrous, But I Thought They Wanted Equality

Timcast - Democrats EXPOSED Plotting To STEAL Election, Republicans Laugh At Chaos Inside Democratic Party

February 20, 2020

TimcastNews - Democratic Debate Was A Dumpster Fire But AT LEAST Bernie Got SLAMMED For Being A Hypocrite

TimcastNews - Bernie Sanders Tries Blaming RUSSIA For His INSANE Bernie Bro Supporters

TimcastNews - Roger Stone Sentenced To Three Years In Confusing Double Standard, Judge Sides With Barr

TimcastNews - Twitter Will Give Leftists The Ability To Censor Conservatives, I`m Exaggerating But Not Really

TimcastNews - Ilhan Omar`s Friend Says She DID Marry Her Brother, FBI And ICE Are Looking Into It

Timcast - MASSIVE Numbers Of Democrats Are Quitting The Democratic Party, Trump Now Polling Highest EVER

February 19, 2020

TimcastNews - British Politician Says Babies Have No Biological Gender, Trump Is Going To Win 40 States I Swear

TimcastNews - Black Scholars REJECT NYT 1619 Project, America Is Awesome And NOT Defined By Far Left Dogma

TimcastNews - There Are NO Moderate Democrats, They Have All Embraced Open Borders Far Left Policy

TimcastNews - The Trump Story About Assange Is FAKE NEWS, They Are Lying About Trump`s Offer To Julian

TimcastNews - Twitter Feminist SHOCKED That Her Stupid Opinion Resulted In Backlash, Blames being A Woman

Timcast - Rachel Maddow Hypocritically Calls Trump DOJ Dystopian While IGNORING Democrat Abuses Of Power

February 18, 2020

TimcastNews - White Bernie Bro Attacks Black Dude At Bernie Rally, Bernie Has A SERIOUS Supporter Problem

TimcastNews - Professor FIRED For Refusing To Use `Preferred Pronoun,` Filed Lawsuit But LOSES

TimcastNews - NHS Will DENY Health Care To `Bigots,` I guess Healthcare Isn`t A Human Right After All

TimcastNews - Rural Conservatives In Oregon Are Trying To SECEDE And Join Idaho Because Portland Is Nuts

TimcastNews - France`s Macon Vows To END Isolated Muslim Communities In France

Timcast - Democrats Now Openly Embracing Cheating, Defend And Brag As They Sell Their Souls To Defeat Trump

February 17, 2020

TimcastNews - Top less Far Left Activsts Steal Mic From Bernie At His Rally, He`s Too Weak To Stop A Tiny Woman

TimcastNews - Media is LYING About The Coronavirus, Tom Cotton WAS RIGHT, Virus May be From Chinese Lab

TimcastNews - The Virginia 2A Rally WON, Democrats DEFECT And Reject Northam`s Weapon Ban

TimcastNews - `Journalists` Slam Jake Paul For Calling College A SCAM, It Is A Scam, It`s Time To GROW UP

TimcastNews - Shocking No One But Feminists, Women More Likely To Divorce After Getting A Promotion

Timcast - Democrats Quitting Party Clearly Has Pelosi Worried, Defends Ripping SOTU Speech And Blames Media

February 16, 2020

TimcastNews - BOOM Scientists Now Say Coronavirus Probably Man Made From Chinese Lab, Its Gunna Get BAD

TimcastNews - Ocasio Cortez Sounds Alarm Over Potential Reelection Defeat, District Might Unify AGAINST her

TimcastNews - Feminist Tries To Claim Joe Rogan Pushes You In A Rabbit Hole Accidentally DISPROVES Her Own Theory

TimcastNews - The Left Has Lost Its Thought Leaders Leaving Only Far left Woke Moral Authoritarians

TimcastNews - Feminist Professor SHOCKED To Find Even Feminists Prefer Traditional Gender Roles In Dating

Timcast - Democrats Are Selling Their Souls In Desperation To Defeat Trump, Bloomberg Is Buying The Election