Videos from December 5-11

December 11, 2021

December 10, 2021

TimcastNews - Jussie Smollett Is GUILTY But BLM Issues ANOTHER Statement Of Support, Even Don Lemon Calls Him Out

TimcastNews - Democrat Mayor Lightfoot Texts Expose Severity Of BLM Riots, Feds Charge Antifa Cell With Felonies

Timcast - Inflation Hits Near 40 YEAR High As Economy Crumbles Under Democrats and Biden, GOP Red Wave Is Coming

TimcastIRL - NYC Warns BLM NOT To Burn Down City, REFUSES To Surrender To BLM Riots w_Libby Emmons

December 9, 2021

TimcastNews - Alec Baldwin`s Story Gets WEIRDER Saying He Didn`t Even Know He Shot Halyna, Cops Think He`s LYING

TimcastNews - Pfizer CEO Says FOUR Doses Needed For Omicron Variant And FINALLY Liberals Are Waking Up

Timcast - Biden Set To Effectively Surrender Ukraine To Russia, Admin Foreign Policy DESTROYS Biden Approval

TimcastIRL - Jussie Smollett Found GUILTY On Felony Hate Crime Hoax Charges w_Jan Jekielek

December 8, 2021

TimcastNews - Jussie Smollett Trial Ends Today And His Defense So HILARIOUSLY Bad Even CNN Says He`s Doomed

TimcastNews - Child Secretly Vaccinated Against Mother Will, Politician ADMITS Vax Mandates Will NEVER End

Timcast - Biden Admin Held SECRET Meetings With Press To Manipulate Coverage As Democrats PANIC Over Midterms

TimcastIRL - CNN Hit With Demands To FIRE Don Lemon Over Jussie Smollett Scandal w_Jack Murphy

December 7, 2021

TimcastNews - BLM Activist Charged With FELONY For Intimidating Judge In Kim Potter Trial, The System Is Crumbling

TimcastNews - Jussie Smollett Implicates Don Lemon in Scandal, CNN Anchor Revealed Information To Aide Smollett

Timcast - US and NATO Fear We Face Brink Of WAR As Russia Amasses Tens Of Thousands Of Troops On Ukraine Border

TimcastIRL - Biden Threatens US Deployment If Russia Invades Ukraine w_Steve Bannon

December 6, 2021

TimcastNews - Alec Baldwin NUKES Twitter Account, New Interview INCRIMINATES Baldwin, I Think He DID Murder Woman

TimcastNews - Jussie Smollett Judge DENIES Insane Mistrial Request, Smollett Screw Up EXPOSED Media Narrative Lies

Timcast - NYC Announces FULL Vaccine Mandate On Kids AND Private Workers, RIOTS Erupt In Europe Over Lockdown

TimcastIRL - NYC Decrees Vax Mandate For KIDS, Most Draconian In Country w_Daniel Turner

December 5, 2021