Videos from December 12-18

December 18, 2021

December 17, 2021

TimcastNews - US Discharges 103 Marines Refusing Vaccine, 30,000 MORE May Get Booted From Service Over Vax Mandate

TimcastNews - Addressing Tim Pool and RA The Rugged Man `Fight` And Heated Clip From TimcastIRL That`s Trending

Timcast - Grand Jury Underway To INDICT Donald Trump On Fraud, Liberals Say Indictment Will END Trump 2024 Run

TimcastIRL - NBC Settles Lawsuit With Nick Sandmann w_Shane Cashman and Olivia Rondeau

December 16, 2021

TimcastNews - Project Veritas Report Exposes ANOTHER CNN Producer Engaged In Crimes Against Children

TimcastNews - School Caught Secretly Grooming Child, Mother SCREAMS At Meeting About Leftist Indoctrination

Timcast - Democrats Failure On RECORD Levels Of Rising Crime Is Convincing Liberals To Buy Guns And Support 2A

TimcastIRL - Alec Baldwin Hit With Search Warrant, Law Enforcement To Seize Phone w_RA The Rugged Man

December 15, 2021

TimcastNews - New COVID Pill Causes Sperm And Fetus Cells To MUTATE According To New Study, FDA May NOT Approve

TimcastNews - THIRD Female Swimmer Speaks Out After Male Trans Athlete CRUSHES Women`s Swim Records

Timcast - Biden`s Agenda Has Officially FAILED, Democrats Move To REPLACE Joe Biden In 2024 As BBB Bill Punted

TimcastIRL - People Chant LETS GO BRANDON To Biden`s Face As His Agenda Fails w_Elisha Krauss

December 14, 2021

TimcastNews - Jan 6th Committee BACKFIRES On Democrats, Leaked Texts PROVE Trump Circle Tried To STOP Capitol Riot

TimcastNews - Leftists Hasan Piker And Vaush BANNED For Using Slurs, Facebook Fact Checkers EXPOSED In Court

Timcast - New Inflation Metric Signals Economy Is COLLAPSING And Democrats Plan To Spend ANOTHER 2.5 TRILLION

TimcastIRL - Jan 6 Committee Accidentally DISPROVES Trump Insurrection Narrative w_Jordan Schachtel

December 13, 2021

TimcastNews - CEO`s Supporting BLM Riots BACKFIRING Hilarious As They Now BEG Congress To Help Stop Mass Looting

TimcastNews - CNN Producer Arrested By FBI For Preying On Children, Worked Alongside Cuomo, CNN Scandals Get WORSE

Timcast - NYT Article WARNS Civil War Is Close As Media Claims PROOF Trump Planned Military Coup On Jan 6th

TimcastIRL - NYT Article Warns Civil War is Coming w_Siraj Hashmi

December 12, 2021