Videos from August 9-15

August 15, 2020

TimcastNews - BLM Leftists March In Local Neighborhood, DEMAND White People Give Up Their Homes, Locals ATTACKED

TimcastNews - Rolling Blackouts Hit California, Democrats FAILURE Fueled Mass Exodus Goes From Bad To WORSE

TimcastNews - Rachel Maddow Hilariously Decides To Ignore Durham Probe Proving She`s A HACK

TimcastNews - BLM Leftist MOCKS FBI Thinking He Escaped, Feds Nab Him And Lock Him Up

TimcastNews - Debunking Leftist Memes About Cannon Hinnant, Fake News Memes Are TRASH

Timcast - Democrats And Biden Are So UNHINGED And Broken That Even Obama SLAMMED Biden As Unfit For Office

August 14, 2020

TimcastNews - State Police LEAVING Portland In Anger, Democrats FAILED, Trump Is Their Only Hope Now

TimcastNews - Trump Says He Will Flip NY RED As The State Was Destroyed By Democrats, City CANCELS 9_11 Memorial

TimcastNews - Durham Has GOT ONE, Ex FBI Lawyer To Plead GUILTY In Obamagate Probe, Trump Cheers

TimcastNews - Newsweek Article Argues Kamala Harris Is NOT A Citizen, Democrats OUTRAGED

TimcastNews - Media Accidentally EXPOSES Bias Calling Trump `Drumpf,` Journalism Is DEAD

Timcast - White House Siege Protests Planned Before And After Election Fueled By Democrats Unhinged Theories

TimcastIRL - Fake News Blames Trump For Kamala `Birtherism` Article That Came From Newsweek

August 13, 2020

TimcastNews - BLM Rioting WORSE Now Without Feds, Riots Return To Courthouse Definitively Proving Trump Was Right

TimcastNews - Trump Has Just Announced HISTORIC Middle Eastern Peace Deal Between Israel And UAE, This Is HUGE

TimcastNews - MILES LONG Food Lines Are Back, Mass Evictions May Drop Soon, I Hope You`re Prepared For The Chaos

TimcastNews - Liberal Explains Why They Are Voting For Trump, The Democrats Are NOT Liberal Anymore

TimcastNews - Portland Will DISARM Campus Safety, Get Ready For Your New Morality SJW Police

Timcast - Chicago Police Call For Federal Intervention In Leftist Riots, Slam Kim Foxx For RELEASING Looters

TimcastIRL - People Call For Trump To Win Nobel Peace Prize After Historic Middle East Peace Deal

August 12, 2020

TimcastNews - The Left Is EATING ITSELF Alive Over Kamala VP Pick And Now Trump Will Landslide

TimcastNews - Gym That DEFIED Democrat Edict Gets Business License REVOKED, Democrats Destroy Jobs On Purpose

TimcastNews - Democratic Mayor PANICS, Has `Defund The Police` Removed As Message BACKFIRES on Left

TimcastNews - Leftist Celebrity Pushes UNHINGED Theory That Trump Supporters Are Stealing Mail Trucks

TimcastNews - The Young Turks Have Been DENIED Access To The DNC, Dems Are Purging The Far left

Timcast - Democrats Picking Kamala Harris Gifted A Trump Landslide, This Is Reagan`s Landslide All Over Again

August 11, 2020

TimcastNews - Seattle Police Chief RESIGNS After City Votes To Defund Police, Crime Is SKYROCKETING Because Of BLM

TimcastNews - Leftists CHEER Over Video of Cop Choke Slamming Woman For Not Wearing A Mask, Complete Hypocrisy

TimcastNews - Portland Says They Will NOT Prosecute Rioters Even For ATTACKING COPS, Media LIES To Protect Them

TimcastNews - Blue Lives Matter SUES De Blasio For Blocking Mural

TimcastNews - Leftist SJW Tries To Cancel Store Manager But FAILS, People Donate $20,000 Plus To Andy

Timcast - Black Lives Matter DEFENDS Chicago Looters, Say Looting Is Their RIGHT As Crime SKYROCKETS Across US

TimcastIRL - Biden Picked Kamala Harris As VP And The Internet Can`t Stop Laughing

August 10, 2020

TimcastNews - Mass Rioting And Looting In Chicago, Police Shot At And Return Fire, Guard In Critical Condition

TimcastNews - Rioters Vandalize Police Officers Home And Try To Kill Him, Shotgun Fired Through His Door

TimcastNews - Fake News LIES About My Viral Post On Bill Clinton, He`s Dirty But They DEFEND Him

TimcastNews - Chicago DA Kim Foxx Has Dropped Tons Of Felony Cases, No Wonder Crime Is Up

TimcastNews - Feds Stop 20k Fake IDs From China And Outher Countries, Voter Fraud Is In Play

Timcast - Trump Calls For National Guard To END Rioting In Portland, Chicago Mayor REFUSES Help Ending Riots

TimcastIRL - Trump Evacuated After Shooting Outside White House, Slams Obamagate As TREASON

August 9, 2020

TimcastNews - BLM Rioters Torch Police Building Proving Trump Right, Democrats FAIL To Stop Riots After 73 Nights

TimcastNews - Democrats ARE Destroying NYC On Purpose, DeBlasio ADMITS He`s Buying Up Vacant Properties

TimcastNews - CNN`s Brian Stelter OUTRAGED That Right Media Rags On Biden In Total Lack Of Self Awareness

TimcastNews - Truckers SNAP, Won`t Deliver To Cities That Defund Police As Nearly 129 Departments Defunded

TimcastNews - Back The Blue And WalkAway Rallies ERUPT Across The US, Silent Majority Waking Up

Timcast - Democrats Push INSANE Lies To Smear Trump COVID Relief, Trump Accuses Dems Of Cheating The Election