Videos from August 8-14

August 14, 2021

August 13, 2021

TimcastNews - Biden Admin Discussing Mandating Vaccines For Interstate Travel, More Cities Lockdown Unvaccinated

TimcastNews - Biden To Deploy MORE Troops To Afghanistan After BOTCHED Withdrawal, Trump WARNED Biden Not To Delay

Timcast - Parent ATTACKS Teacher Over Mask Mandates, Democrat Issues Threat To Those Defying Masks In Schools

TimcastIRL - Political Op Claims `DNA Evidence` Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother w_Ben Weingarten

August 12, 2021

TimcastNews - Steve Bannon Was Right, Parents Are SNAPPING Over Mask Mandates In Schools, Protest Outside Meeting

TimcastNews - Mike Lindell`s Cyber Expert Says The Data Is A `Turd` That Can`t Prove China Hacking Claims

Timcast - Biden Approval TANKS As Nearly 80 Percent Blame Him For Inflation Surge, Media EXPOSED Lying To Defend Him

TimcastIRL - Democrat Media Attacks Local Restaurant To Silence Inflation Story w_Kyle Becker

August 11, 2021

TimcastNews - Texas GOP Issues Arrest Warrants For 52 Democrats Who Illegally Blocked Voter Reform Bill

TimcastNews - Nurse Secretly Gave Elderly Saline INSTEAD Of COVID Vaccine, Sydney Deploys MORE Soldiers To Enforce

Timcast - Biden Admin Issues WARNING Over Rising Gas Prices But Democrat Policy Is What Caused The Inflation

TimcastIRL - Mike Lindell LOSES Motion To Dismiss Dominion Lawsuit w_Will Chamberlain

August 10, 2021

TimcastNews - CNN And Democrat Cori Bush Slammed For Pushing GoFundMe HOAX Over Eviction Moratorium Raising $230k

TimcastNews - Team USA Paintballer FIRED For `Fat-Shaming` COVID Sick Teen But CDC Says Obesity IS An Issue

Timcast - Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo RESIGNS, Sheriff Warns Criminal Investigation May Lead To His ARREST

TimcastIRL - Cuomo Has RESIGNED, Newsom Is Next To Be Ousted w_Mikhaila Peterson

August 9, 2021

TimcastNews - Rand Paul Calls On America To RESIST COVID Restrictions As Media DEFENDS Obama Violating CDC Rules

TimcastNews - MSNBC Host Claims Criticism Is BOTS After Ben Shapiro Won Debate On Real Time With Bill Maher

Timcast - Economic Crisis Worsens As Vaccine Mandates Drive Workers Away, Democrats Still Defend COVID Checks

TimcastIRL - Rand Paul Calls On Americans To RESIST COVID Restrictions w_Libby Emmons

August 8, 2021