Videos from August 16-22

August 22, 2020

TimcastNews - BLM Leftist Charged With TERROR, The Hammer Is Dropping And These Crazies Can`t Hide

TimcastNews - Wife Watches Husband Get Shot And Paralyzed As Democrats Have Turned NYC Into A `Shooting Gallery`

TimcastNews - ANOTHER Media Hoax Against Trump, They Claim He Lied About `Under God` Removal At The DNC, HE DIDNT

TimcastNews - Joe Biden CAUGHT Plagiarizing His DNC Speech, The Democrats Are Not Even TRYING To Win

TimcastNews - Kamala Harris PRANKED With Fake Phone Call, Accepts Dirt On Trump From Foreigners

Timcast - MeToo Activist SLAMS Democrats And Biden As `Darkness` And `Monsters,` Proving People Are Waking Up

August 21, 2020

TimcastNews - BLM Leftists Target Residential Area ALL DAY, Feds Are BACK IN Portland After ICE Facility Attack

TimcastNews - NYC Is Dying Due To Corrupt Democrats, DeBlasio Siphons $2M To His Wife While Planning 22k Layoffs

TimcastNews - BLM Leftist Crybaby CAUGHT, Faces Felony Charge,Portland Federal Buildings Closed Over MAJOR Threats

TimcastNews - FEC Asked If Laura Loomer Ban Violates Election Law, Loomer MUST Be Reinstated To All Platforms

TimcastNews - Giddy Fake News `Journalists` Run From Biden To See Fireworks Instead of Challenging Him On ANYTHING

Timcast - Trump Says Democrats STEALING The Election With Vote By Mail, Vows To Deploy Police To Stop Fraud

TimcastIRL - Brandon Straka Is Here To DEMAND Tim Pool WalkAway From The Left

August 20, 2020

TimcastNews - BLM Leftist Nearly CRIES After 4Chan Exposed Him And Cops Plan Arrest, Facebook Bans Antifa FINALLY

TimcastNews - Steve Bannon ARRESTED By Postal Service Over `We Build The Wall` Campaign, 3 More Charged With FRAUD

TimcastNews - Goodyear Woke Audio LEAKED And They`re In Trouble, This Get Woke Go Broke May Actually Be ILLEGAL

TimcastNews - Netflix PANICS After Outrage Over Disgusting Film `Cuties` About Little Girls Twerking

TimcastNews - Trump Has Closed The Gap With Biden, Now On Track For Major Victory, And This is From CNN

Timcast - New Trump Ad Just Triggered Woke Journalists Exposing Fake News Bias, He Bought The ENTIRE Frontpage

TimcastIRL - Democrat Chicago Mayor Bans Protests At Her House, They Are So Crooked

August 19, 2020

TimcastNews - BLM Rioters Won In Portland, Fire Set To County Building And They BEG For Mercy, Police Powerless

TimcastNews - Laura Loomer WON By Double Digits, Trump Congratulates Her, And Leftist Elites Are OUTRAGED

TimcastNews - Trump Calls For Goodyear Boycott, Goodyear PANICS, Conservatives Go On The Offensive

TimcastNews - Democrat Chains Himself To Mailbox Because They Are All INSANE

TimcastNews - Republican Kim Klacik New Ad Slamming Democrats Hits 140k RT`s And Over 8M Views

Timcast - Democrat`s DNC 2 Was EVEN WORSE, A Clown Show So Bad They Had Warren On The Native American Caucus

TimcastIRL - LA Democrat Just Violated Human Rights Over COVID, Jack Murphy Joins Us

August 18, 2020

TimcastNews - Democrat Hit With TWO Felonies For Destroying Statue While DNC LIES That Protests Are Peaceful

TimcastNews - Trump Pardoned Susan B Anthony And Unhinged Media And Democrats Walked RIGHT Into The Trap

TimcastNews - Someone Just ILLEGALLY Cheated Against Black Pro Trump Republican, This Is INSANE

TimcastNews - Trump Goes NUCLEAR With Biggest Ad Buy Possible, Democrats Seem To Be Preparing To LOSE

TimcastNews - Leftist Complains her MAGA Dad Kicked Her Out For Supporting BLM, But She`s 23

Timcast - Democrats Convention An Unmitigated Disaster, Its So CRINGE Leftists Joke THIS Is Trump`s Reelection

TimcastIRL - Democrat Convention Is A CRINGEFEST, Former SJW Says She WIll Vote Trump

August 17, 2020

TimcastNews - BLM Has Gone Too Far, Man Nearly KILLED In Riots Last Night Trying To SAVE People From BLM Leftists

TimcastNews - Trump ROASTS NYC Mayor DeBlasio As `Communist Fool` Who Destroyed NYC And He`s RIGHT, Vote `Em Out

TimcastNews - Millie Weaver ARRESTED Just Before Releasing Documentary Now We Know Why

TimcastNews - Study Finds News Is 150 Times MORE Negative To Trump Than Biden, Imagine My Shock

TimcastNews - Media Feigns Outrage That Trump Retweeted `Let Democrats Cities Rot` As Democrat Cities Rot

Timcast - Democrats Push Post Office Scandal To CHEAT The Election Against Trump And Here`s The Proof

TimcastIRL - Virginia Democrat Hit With Felonies Over Tearing Down Statue, The Hammer Hath Fallen

August 16, 2020

TimcastNews - Proud Boys Are BACK, Antifa Starts Fights With Right Wing Protesters And Lose, Riots Erupt Across US

TimcastNews - South Dakota REJECTS Stimulus Proving Republicans RIGHT As Democrat Cities Are BURNING

TimcastNews - Cops Are QUITTING En Masse STILL, This Is Freaky, Emergency Calls Getting Ignored With No Cops

TimcastNews - Lady gets SHOT With Pellet Gun Trying To Take Trump Sign, Says It Was An Accident

TimcastNews - MORE ROlling Blackouts In California And Now FIRE TORNADOS. It`s Getting Spicy In CA

Timcast - Picking Kamala Harris BACKFIRED On Democrats, Leftists HATE Her And Even Black Voters Say NO WAY