Videos from April 5-11

April 11, 2020

TimcastNews - Millions Have Run Out Of Food Already, Shortage Could Spark Riots, Trump Is RIGHT About The Economy

TimcastNews - Joe Biden Hit With Criminal Complaint Over Assaulting Woman, Ok Joe I`ll Believe All Women

TimcastNews - Bill Maher SHREDS China, Calls its `Chinese Virus` Woke Left Media Screeches

TimcastNews - Frontline Doctor Loses Custody Of Her Daughter Because Of COVID Risk, Welcome To The Nightmare!

TimcastNews - Trump Takes MAJOR Victories Amid The Crisis, Companies Leave China, Illegal Immigrants Get Deported

Timcast - Ocasio Cortez`s Desperation Could Spell THE END Of Far left Democrats, Her Opponent Just Raised $1M

April 10, 2020

TimcastNews - Homeowner Shoots And Kills Invader In `Coronavirus Disguise,` Burglaries Are Spiking Amid Pandemic

TimcastNews - California `Declares Independence` Referring To CA As `Nation State,` Its BS But We Can Dream Right`

TimcastNews - Fauci Says `Immunity Cards` May Be Coming As Authoritarian Nightmare Expands Exponentially

TimcastNews - Feminists SHOCKED That Adele Has To Pony Up MILLION To Her Ex Husband, Welcome To Equality!

TimcastNews - Bernie Supporters SCREECH On Camera After Finding Out He Quit, Mental Breakdown`s Galore

Timcast - Democrats Newest Strategy Is The Definition Of Insanity, More Investigations And More Far Left Plans

TimcastIRL - You May Have To `Show Your Papers` After The Pandemic With New `Immunity Cards`

April 9, 2020

TimcastNews - MSNBC Host Pushes INSANE Theory, Claims Trump Lying About COVID Numbers To Look Good

TimcastNews - National Guard Brought In To Remove Hundreds Of Dead Bodies Per Day In NYC, But Things ARE Improving

TimcastNews - NO REFUNDS! Where Does All of Bernie`s Millions Go Now

TimcastNews - Media Runs Dubious Story Claiming Trump KNEW In November, Official Says NOPE Report DOESNT Exist

TimcastNews - CNN Is Crying Because Pence Won`t Allow Experts On Their Network, Poor babies Think They DESERVE It

Timcast - Democrats ONCE AGAIN Block Emergency Relief For Social Justice Demands, Media Blames Republicans

TimcastIRL - New York Digs Mass Graves For COVID Dead, Claims Prisoners NOT Digging This Time

April 8, 2020

TimcastNews - California Pushes Coronavirus Stimulus Packages Specifically For Illegal Immigrants

TimcastNews - Leftists Call For Impeaching Trump AGAIN Over Fake News That Trump OWNS Medicine Stock

TimcastNews - Bernie Staffer Immediately Drops Pretense, Goes FULL Socialist As Soon As Bernie Quits

TimcastNews - NYT Smear Of Trump Was So Bad That Even Snopes Slammed Them As Fake News

TimcastNews - Militia Announces That COVID Lockdown Will NOT Stop Easter Worship, Constitution MUST Be Defended

Timcast - Bernie Sanders QUITS, Supporters Declare WAR On Democrats As Trump Calls On Them To Join Republicans

TimcastIRL - Woke Twitter SHREDS Ellen Degeneres For Comparing Lockdown To Being In Jail

April 7, 2020

TimcastNews - Journalists Are OUTRAGED Because Trump Was Mean To Them, Poor Babies, Try Not Lying For Once

TimcastNews - Man Arrested In Front Of Daughter Over Social Distancing, STOP GIVING UP YOUR RIGHTS

TimcastNews - Leftists Pretend To be OUTRAGED At Devin Nunes For Calling Homeless People `Zombie Apocalypse`

TimcastNews - Democrats MOCKED For Wearing Medical Masks Wrong, Why Trust Them If They Cant Even Wear A Mask

TimcastNews - Shootouts Keep Erupting At The Border, Coyotes Shoot At Border Agents

Timcast - This Is The Most PATHETIC Smear Against Trump We Have Seen Yet, Even Never Trumpers Defend Him

TimcastIRL - Turns Out Crying COVID Nurse Who Quit Was HOAX. Did Media Fake This Or The Nurse

April 6, 2020

TimcastNews - Leftist Ideology Is EATING Itself As Major Liberal Strongholds Get Slammed By Coronavirus

TimcastNews - NYC Announces They Will Bury Coronavirus Dead In City Parks As Dead Bodies Overwhelm City

TimcastNews - Alyssa Milano Endorses Joe Biden, Gets SLAMMED For Hypocrisy

TimcastNews - Coronavirus Is A Free Trial To Communism, Spain Decided To Buy The Long Term Package

TimcastNews - UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Admitted To Intensive Care Unit Over Coronavirus

Timcast - Media Smears Against Trump BACKFIRE Driving Democrats Insane, Rep DEMANDS Trump Face `The Hague`

TimcastIRL - MeToo Movement Exposed As Political Sham, Rose McGowan SHREDS Alyssa Milano

April 5, 2020

TimcastNews - Fears Of Social Order Breakdown In NYC As Burglaries Nearly DOUBLE, NYPD Calling In Sick

TimcastNews - CNN Jim Acosta SLAMMED By Other Journalists, Trump Goes To WAR Against media Bias

TimcastNews - Ocasio Cortez Calls For `Covid Reparations` For Marginalized Communities

TimcastNews - Louis CK Just Dropped A New Special And Feminists Are Pretending To be Mad So I`m Pretending Back

TimcastNews - Media FINALLY Starts Calling Out Wuhan Biolab As Possible Origin Of COVID

Timcast - Trump Just NUKED Biden From Orbit Over Mental Decline, Politicizing Crisis BACKFIRES On Democrats