Videos from April 4-10

April 10, 2021

April 9, 2021

TimcastNews - Jimmy Kimmel SLAMMED As Moron Over Softball Hunter Biden Interview They Basically LAUGH In Our Face

TimcastNews - Migrant Crisis Now WORST IN HISTORY Bidens Plan FAILED This Is A Disaster And Biden Created It

Timcast - Chauvin Trial Lawyer Lands Slam Dunk AGAIN Using States Own Witness But Floyd Prosecutors Did Well

TimcastIRL - White House Proposes PAYING Illegal Immigrants Cash To NOT Come Here w_JohnTamny

April 8, 2021

TimcastNews - Leftist Experiment Into Soft On Crime Prosecutors BACKFIRED Crime Is SKYROCKETING Under Leftist DA

TimcastNews - Media Smears Against Marjorie Taylor Greene BACKFIRED GOP Rep Raises 32M 5 Times AOCs Record

Timcast - Biden Wrongly Denounces Constitutional Rights In Order To Enforce Democrat Gun Control Agenda

TimcastIRL - Biden Publicly DENIES Constitutional Rights To Push Gun Control w_Jim Hanson

April 7, 2021

TimcastNews - GOP DEMANDS Info On Terror Suspects CAUGHT Crossing Border Biden Now Wants To Build Trumps Wall

TimcastNews - New York City Is In SHAMBLES City Decaying Due To Insane Democrat Policies And The US Is Next

Timcast - MASSIVE Backfire Against Prosecutor May Have Just Gotten Derek Chauvin Acquitted In Floyd Trial

TimcastIRL - Half Chewed 'SpeedBall' Drug Found With George Floyd's DNA On It w_Brandon Tatum

April 6, 2021

TimcastNews - Democrats Just Nuked THEMSELVES To Spite GOP Over Voter ID Law MLB Move Game To State With SAME LAW

TimcastNews - Woke Captain America Comic Makes Jordan Peterson The Villain Insane Wokeness Is DESTROYING Comics

Timcast - George Floyds Friend Now ADMITS He May Be Charged In Floyd Death Refuses To Testify In Chauvin Case

TimcastIRL - Biden Says He May Finish Building Trump's Wall In Hilarious FlipFlop w_JosieTRHL

April 5, 2021

TimcastNews - Swing Democrats PANICKING After AOC Donates To Them Dems Know AOC Is Toxic And Destroying Party

TimcastNews - CNNs Acosta Says They Are Suffering From Post Trump Stress Disorder As Ratings And Trust PLUMMET

Timcast - Conservatives WIN Major Legal Battles Lawsuit Against Trump BACKFIRES Opens Door To END Censorship

TimcastIRL - Media Manipulates George Floyd Narrative As Chauvin Trial Gets HEATED w_FreedomToons

April 4, 2021