Videos from April 26 - May 2

May 2, 2020

TimcastNews - ANOTHER Woman Is Accusing Biden, WaPo Says Media Is Biased FOR The Right And Leftists Blame Trump

TimcastNews - THOUSANDS Protest In California City Demanding The Lockdown END, Democrat Shuts ENTIRE City

TimcastNews - Womens Soccer LOSES Equal Pay Lawsuit In Major Facepalm, THEY NEGOTIATED THEIR OWN PAY

TimcastNews - More Lefitsts Are Walking Away From The Democratic Party Over Their Biden Hypocrisy

TimcastNews - Quarantine Snitches PANIC After City Releases Their Personal Info As Public Record

Timcast - Trump Declares National Emergency Amid Military Escalation With China, US Ship Expelled China Claims

May 1, 2020

TimcastNews - Biden FINALLY Addresses Accusation But Gets CAUGHT LYING, MSNBC Presses Him And He Just Melts Down

TimcastNews - Democratic Governor DEFIES State Lawmakers Extending Lockdown, The Left Is DEFENDING Fascism

TimcastNews - Cringe TikTok Nurses SLAMMED For Taking Meme TOO FAR, Dance With `Dead COVID Patient`

TimcastNews - Evidence PROVES FBI Knew Flynn Was Innocent, Threatened His Family To Force Him To Plead Guilty

TimcastNews - Trump Claims Evidence COVID May Have Come From Biolab, Intel Is Investigating But Unsure

Timcast - Exploiting Me Too BACKFIRED On Democrats, Nancy Pelosi SNAPS At Reporter For Calling Out Hypocrisy

April 30, 2020

TimcastNews - Feminist Leader Rose McGowan SNAPS, Slams Democrats And Media For Lying And Being A Cult

TimcastNews - Democrats OUTRAGED, Demand MSNBC Host Be FIRED For Covering Biden Allegations, Dems Are LOSING

TimcastNews - A Guy I Know`s Son Ended His Own Life Over COVID Isolation, Quarantine Is COSTING Lives

TimcastNews - Woke Fake News Journalist Who Targeted Sargon And Dankula May Have Broken THE LAW, Gets Suspended

TimcastNews - CNN`s Chris Cuomo Tried To LIE And Gaslight Us over His Fake Quarantine, Gets SLAMMED As Parasite

Timcast - Unsealed Documents CONFIRM FBI Plot Against Trump Staff, Michael Flynn, Agents Sought To TRAP Flynn

April 29, 2020

TimcastNews - Unemployment Exploitation gets WORSE, People Seem To Enjoy Free Money, AOC Offers Ignorant Solution

TimcastNews - Democrats And Feminists EXPOSED As Frauds After Several Feminist Orgs REFUSE To Condemn Biden

TimcastNews - CNN`s Don Lemon Actually Calls Out Biden Double Standard, Calls Out Stacey Abrams Over Biden Support

TimcastNews - AOC Is Going To LOSE Her Seat In June To A Moderate As The Trend Holds True, Progressives DONT WIN

TimcastNews - Despite Economic Crisis Trump Is Projected To Win In November, Theres NO WAY I`d Vote Biden

Timcast - Democrats And Media Are EXPLOITING The Crisis For Political Power, Media PRAISES China Censorship

April 28, 2020

TimcastNews - CNN Cites Hollywood Actor To Claim Trump Is Insane, Says Trump Supporters Have NO Defense

TimcastNews - The Trump China Collusion Hoax EXPOSED As Fake News, Politico Issues SECOND Correction At Midnight

TimcastNews - Crazy Joe Biden Calls For More `Economic Intercourse,` It`s Time To STOP Protecting This Man

TimcastNews - Trump To Invoke Executive Power To Prevent MASSIVE Food Shortage, Meat Plants Are Freaking Out

TimcastNews - Democrats Start Pushing For Universal Basic Income, I`m A Skeptic So I`ll Debate Yang Gang

Timcast - Media Goes Full PANIC MODE As New Evidence Emerges Against Joe Biden, Democrats CANT Defend Him

April 27, 2020

April 26, 2020