Videos from April 19-25

April 25, 2020

TimcastNews - CNN Caught Covering Up For Joe Biden! Old 1993 Larry King Episode With Evidence DISAPPEARS

TimcastNews - Fake News Tries Blaming Trump For People `Ingesting Cleaner,` The Media Is Completely Out Of Hand

TimcastNews - CNN is OUTRAGED That Reporter Was Asked To Change Seats, CNN Has become Truly UNHINGED

TimcastNews - Food Riots Erupt In Venezuela And South Africa As COVID Destroys Supply Lines

TimcastNews - Multiple Outlets Report Kim Jong-Un IS DEAD, China Sends Team Of Doctors, What Is Happening

Timcast - Democrats Launch NEW HOAX Against Republicans And Trump, Accusing Him Of Colluding With China

April 24, 2020

TimcastNews - Did Trump REALLY Suggest INJECTING Disinfectant! Media LOVES To Assume The Worst And Defend Biden

TimcastNews - I Was WRONG, Media LIED About Trump Press Briefings But His Questions On COVID Treatment Were Fair

TimcastNews - Leftist Doctor Says She Doesn`t Want White People To Make COVID Vaccine Because Social Justice

TimcastNews - Leftists OUTRAGED That I said No Economy Means No Food, They Get Confused Thinking Money IS Food

TimcastNews - Celebrity Worship Is DYING, No They Are NOT `Just Like Us,` Pandemic Exposes Celebrity BS

Timcast - Democrats Are Desperately Struggling To Hold The Party Together, But MORE Defectors Keep Emerging

April 23, 2020

TimcastNews - Ocasio Cortez Calls For REVOLT After Economy Reopens Proving Many Leftists Are Spoiled Children

TimcastNews - Republicans Were Right, People Are EXPLOITING Emergency Stimulus Because Welfare Pays MORE Than Work

TimcastNews - Ocasio Cortez has BETRAYED The left And Will Vote For Biden, A Man Who Can`t Remember A Name

TimcastNews - Leftists Are Turning On Woke Celebrities As Their True Colors Are EXPOSED

TimcastNews - China Just Locked Down AGAIN, Massive City Of 10M, Democrats See Huge Advantage If We Surge Again

Timcast - Black Democratic Rep Endorses Donald Trump And Then RESIGNS Saying The Democratic Party Left Him

April 22, 2020

TimcastNews - Trump`s Immigration Trap Worked PERFECTLY On Democrats, They Now OPPOSE Something 79 Percent Of US Wants

TimcastNews - UN Warns Of BIBLICAL Famine Due To Shutdown, Ignorant Leftists Mock Protests While MILLIONS Suffer

TimcastNews - Don Lemon Goes On UNHINGED Rant Because CNN Is Performative Fake News Designed To Generate Revenue

TimcastNews - Harvard REJECTS Trump Demand To Return Taxpayer Money, Says They Need It

TimcastNews - `Gates Foundation Hack` is LEGIT, Data is Old But Passwords Worked

Timcast - Trump Orders US Navy To DESTROY Iranian Gunboats, US Warships Deployed Near China, Is WW3 Nearing

April 21, 2020

TimcastNews - CNN Claims Cuomo `Emerges` From Lockdown, They Are Evil And Liars He Was NOT Locked down And We KNOW

TimcastNews - Ocasio Cortez SLAMMED For Gloating Over Oil Industry Collapse, She`s Was HAPPY About Mass Layoffs

TimcastNews - Dear Leader Kim Jun Un May Be In `Grave Danger` Because He`s Fat And Smokes, This Could Get BAD

TimcastNews - The Viral Nurse Photo May be STAGED, Fake news Pounces On Anti-Trump Story Without Proof

TimcastNews - Journalists CAUGHT On hot Mic Claiming COVID Mortality Is Way Low And You Dont Need A Mask

Timcast - Trump Announces Ban On All Immigration, But Its A TRAP And Democrats Have Fallen Right Into it

April 20, 2020

TimcastNews - Media Now Claims Trump Is `Anti Government` So Antifa Becomes Pro Government Now!

TimcastNews - Facebook Is BANNING Lockdown Protests At Governments Request As Drones Are Deployed To Spy On Us

TimcastNews - Oil Prices Go NEGATIVE, Hundreds Of Oil Companies Face Collapse, Economy On the Brink

TimcastNews - Trump Goes Full MADLAD Posting Creepy Biden Meme Talking About Kids Touching Him

TimcastNews - Trump Slams Female Reporter For Arguing, CNN Just ADMITS Its Ragebait Reality TV

Timcast - US and China WAR May be Inevitable, As Economy Collapses And Democrats And GOP Fight, War Approaches

April 19, 2020

TimcastNews - Bill Maher ANNIHILATED By Dan Crenshaw In Embarrassing Interview, Maher Just Stutters And Stammers

TimcastNews - Celebrity Elitist Gets ROASTED For Mocking Poor People Protesting For Their Jobs Back

TimcastNews - Media ONLY Shows Bad Trump News But Trump Is SHATTERING Polling And Fundraising Records

TimcastNews - Trump`s FAILURE In Pandemic May Have Saved The World Argues CNN Op-Ed

TimcastNews - Democrats KEEP LYING, Hoax After Hoax Against Trump And Even Bernie, Democrats Just Lie

Timcast - Democrats New Smear BACKFIRES, Biden Accidentally Goes `Full MAGA` Supporting Trump`s China Position