Videos from April 18-24

April 24, 2021

April 23, 2021

TimcastNews - BLM Riots Erupt In NYC Antifa REFUSES TO Take Down Autonomous Zone Chauvin Verdict Did NOTHING

TimcastNews - Caitlyn Jenner Announces Run Against Democrat Gavin Newsom Recall Effort BREAKS 2M Signatures

Timcast - Chauvin Trial Juror Now ADMITS She Was Terrified Of BLM Riots And Retaliation Appeal Almost Certain

TimcastIRL - Chauvin Juror ADMITS She Feared BLM Riots And Retaliation w_Michael Knowles

April 22, 2021

TimcastNews - BLM Rioters Stage INSURRECTION Insurrectionists STORM Capitol Over Republican Anti Riot Law

TimcastNews - Chauvin Trial Juror Speaks Out She Feared Verdict Would Anger People Emotions Ruled The Trial

Timcast - Police Are Resigning EN MASSE Over BLM Riots And Democrat Policy Chauvin Verdict Will Make It WORSE

TimcastIRL - BLM Insurrectionists STORM Capitol Over Anti Riot Law w_FreedomToons

April 21, 2021

TimcastNews - Rioting ERUPTS After Derek Chauvin Found GUILTY On All Charges Conviction Is NOT Justice Say BLM

TimcastNews - Cop Gets FIRED For Donating To The Kenosha Kid Chauvin Conviction Just Proved BLM Right

Timcast - Democrats And BLM Literally Defend Child Knife Fights In Order To Justify Abolishing Police

TimcastIRL - LeBron James Posts Photo Of Cop And Says YOU'RE NEXT w_Charlie LeDuff

April 20, 2021

TimcastNews - Judge ROYALLY Screwed Up In Chauvin Case ADMITTING Maxine Waters Threats May Overturn ENTIRE Trial

TimcastNews - Medical Report PROVES Jan 6th Officer Died From NATURAL CAUSES CNN Defends Pushing Lies

Timcast - Minnesota Declares State Of Emergency National Guard Deployed As Chauvin Verdict Nears BLM Riots

TimcastIRL - Jury Finds Chauvin GUILTY On ALL COUNTS, Protests Underway w_Catalina Lauf

April 19, 2021

TimcastNews - National Guard Injured From LIVE FIRE In Minnesota After Democrat Maxine Waters Incites Insurrection

TimcastNews - BLM Accidentally Protests For Man Killed By Cops Until They Realize He Is A White Male Carjacker

Timcast - Democrat Threats And BLM Riots May Have ALREADY Corrupted Chauvin Trial Jury May Say GUILTY In Fear

TimcastIRL - Judge Says Maxine Waters May Have OVERTURNED The Chauvin Trial w_DC Riot Bros

April 18, 2021